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Opinion: Gina Tarvin needs to resign as Ocean View School District Trustee President


How much more evidence do people need? Some of the lowest test scores in the county. Dropping enrollment. And a trustee president that seems hellbent not on improving the district, but rather furthering her political career and going after private citizens that dare challenge her deeply political agendas.

There have been multiple lawsuits filed against the city and other entities, and it looks like another may be brewing:


Time and time again, Tarvin has lied and misled residents. She helped create the radical activist group, Oak View Comunidad. She has created more false drama, tension, aggravation and pain in this city than any other politician in recent memory.


A group of citizens is now preparing a recall effort against her. And her social media activism has sputtered into a litany of exaggerated, self-congratulatory nonsense that ever her most ardent supports seem to have tired of.

This morning I learned she is coming after me, requesting a bloated over-grab of information so disingenuous and over-the-top, it’s bordering offensive:

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 10.51.13 AM.png

In my opinion, for the good of the district and the city both, she needs to step down. Her destructive, seemingly diabolical thirst for power appears to have nothing to do with students – but everything to do with her.

Gina, we know, based on your extreme behavior in the past, that this simple call for you to resign may cause you to call for a restraining order, order another taxpayer funded armed body guard, call the chief of police – or worse. That is what you have done to mere critics in the past. But it’s over. Cut your losses and ours both. For once, do something for the good of something besides yourself and remove yourself from office.


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Is OVSD Trustee President Tarvin continually violating board bylaw 9121? Trustee Westwell: The board could care less

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.29.41 AM

Ocean View School District board bylaw 9121 (6) clearly states that the president will be “Representing the District as governance spokesperson in conjunction with the Superintendent.”

Which calls into question – all of these recent political endorsements and fundraisers that President Gina Tarvin has recently been making – ALL THE TIME WEARING HER TAXPAYER PURCHASED NAMEPLATE identifying her elected title – have they been voted on by the board or even discussed?

I reached out to trustee Norm Westwell who told me, “None of these events have ever been discussed. I have brought it to the board’s attention time and time again but there appears to be zero interest in the subject.”

Here are just a few of Tarvin’s recent Facebook posts – made on a page that appears to be her official OVSD page (again, not the presence of her official “shield”):

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 8.23.58 AM.png









Where are the answers from the district on this? This is a trustee president out of control

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As he awaits sentencing for his fifth DUI, former HB muckraker Vern Nelson gets accused of sexual assault by Anaheim mayoral candidate


Former HB muckraker/blogger Vern Nelson (pictured here with his good friend and confidante Gina Clayton Tarvin, Ocean View School District Trustee President) was dealt some bad news last week as he awaits his fate in connection with this FIFTH DUI arrest (this one carries felony charges): Anaheim Mayoral candidate Lorri Galloway posted this on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 1.39.54 PM.png

I reached out to Orange Juice Blog contributing editor, Greg Diamond, to confirm that Galloway was in fact writing about Nelson, who has owned the blog for more than five years. (Galloway since confirmed she was talking about Nelson). This was my email:

“Greg: I just saw this post and as managing editor would like to see what the OJB official response might be for a blog item I’m doing on Surf City Chronicles. The timing seems to match a time I gave Vern Nelson a ride home because he missed the bus. He was very drunk, didn’t attack me sexually (but made some rather odd racial remarks regarding Mexicans). Not sure if he remembers. Anyway, if you just address this particular item I would appreciate – thanks. (Also, Vern is listed as “Editor” in 2012) – Chris”

Here is Diamond’s full response:


“I wrote on a piece on it late this afternoon, shortly after I learned about it. Vern is partly of Mexican ancestry, and has expressed the belief that he can discuss Latino culture with the latitude insiders have to be critical. As I think I remembered to include in the piece, drinking has been bad for Vern.  If this embarrassment becomes another reminder to him not to drink, it will have been a blessing in disguise.  He has sounded quite sober and reflective when I’ve spoken to him over the past month or two, so I am hopeful for him.  But while I’ve seen Vern be creepily lecherous at times, I’ve never even heard a story before this of his making a physical sexually advance on someone who was not interested in him — aka an assault. Are you looking for a quote from me saying that men should not sexually assault women?  Here you go: men should not sexually assault women.”

Bizarrely, after referring to Nelson here as “creepily lecherous,” he went on to The Liberal OC blog and offered even stranger defenses of Nelson:
Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 3.42.17 AM.png
Nelson has gone on to deny all charges, calling Galloway a liar and accusing her making up her entire story because he mildly criticized her on his blog. In response to Nelson’s full frontal attack on her integrity, Galloway posted:
Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 1.50.12 PM.png
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Tarvin’s personal politics now dominating Ocean View School District

In the last several weeks, OVSD Trustee President has been all over social media. proclaiming her support of congressional candidates, and more. As she makes her endorsements, many have become concerned as to whether she is representing the full board or not – after all she is the district spokesperson and she is wearing her OVSD nameplate, so clearly she is there in an official capacity, not a personal one.



I wrote the superintendent Dr. Carol Hansen to ask, is she representing the entire board with her endorsement? Was a vote taken? Were they even aware of this?

My messages have gone ignored.

Now this, from a member of the public requesting anonymity:

This report covers DACA comments made by the OVSD board president on 5 September 2017.  An audio recording of the OVSD board of trustees is available at the district web site:

At the end of the meeting, after final public comments and therefore no opportunity for public rebuttal, board president Gina Clayton-Tarvin provided a rambling soliloquy of her own views on the DACA issue at the recording time of 02:19:35.  A listener can quickly get to this time by scrolling the audio bar forward.  Below is a transcribed version of her statement:

I’m just going to say very quickly, I’m very disappointed in our President of the United States of America.  He has stated today that he wants to and is going to, he plans to end in six months the DACA program.  This will affect our students.  I don’t think it’s a good idea and I think our congress needs to intervene and do something that they haven’t done in the past I don’t know how many years even under President Obama.  Lawmakers need to make the laws, the President should be there to either accept or veto.  I think things are a little out of balance right now.  We have a lot of Dreamers in our country who have served the military, have served … are taxpayers, have done what they needed to do because they were told they have the promise of being able to someday have a path to citizenship, and I think that it is shortsighted to want to expel an almost a 800 … what was it 800,000 people, almost a million people.  I am totally opposed and I wanted to have that on record because you don’t even know who the Dreamers are, you don’t know who the people are.  You may have them working for you, you may have them in your family, you may have them at your school sites.  And it’s unfortunate this has arisen as a … being used as a political tool.  I think it’s awful.

Trustee Tarvin made a number of comments needing clarification:

1.)  Ending DACA “will affect our students”.  How?  We are an elementary district.  How many Dreamers are students in OVSD?

2.)  She is disappointed in President Trump, yet he is doing his constitutional duty by reversing the illegal legislating done unconstitutionally by President Obama.  That’s inconsistent!  She later even points out the proper role of the President.  Obama’s DACA executive order was unconstitutional, and now Trumps is correcting that.

3.)  She seems to support selectivity in obeying laws.  Is she an anarchist?   Can I just ignore the 3-minute rule for public board comments because I believe my views justify it?

All good questions, it seems. And again, it seems clear now that Tarvin’s personal politics are at the forefront of her role as trustee president. Parents need to be aware of this, as does the general public, as it clearly seems that Tarvin has little to no concept for the fact that she represents an entire board. As well, are her personal politics taking weight over the needs of students and staff? At what point does the rest of the board attempt to stop her?

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OVSD Trustee President Tarvin publicly uses same “threatening” term that she filed a restraining over when it was used against her


OVSD Trustee President Gina Clayton Tarvin (seen above with her taxpayer-funded armed security guard leaving a board meeting) earlier this year attempted, yet failed to get a restraining order against an activist named Raymond Herrera, a combat veteran who takes issue with her seemingly left-wing political stances. As seen here in the filed order, his term “take her out” was thought by Tarvin to be a threat of “physical harm.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 10.54.16 AM.png

However, in a recent public social media post, Tarvin used the exact same language when talking about representative Darrell Issa – see her last sentence:

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 7.56.53 AM.png


There are other obvious concerns with her photo/post- since she is wearing her official shield, did the entire board endorse Applegate? If not, is it right that she seems to be officially representing the district?

All of these questions have been asked of the superintendent, Dr. Carol Hansen, will update post if/when answers are received.

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OVSD spending school district money for gun-toting guard (perhaps through rest of year). Uses OC Weekly article to justify actions

FullSizeRender 7

Tarvin leaving recent board with private, armed security. There were no threats evident.

The image has become all to familiar: Ocean View School District trustee president Gina Tarvin being escorted to her car by an armed guard as citizens attempt to ask her questions about an alleged campaign to have all of her critics silenced on social media.

New emails reveal that the district is spending what is presumably taxpayer dollars, $250 per meeting, and has committed that expenditure through the rest of the year. Forgetting how many school supplies that money might buy, the questions remain, why are they doing this?

June 28, I sent this letter to Superintendent Dr. Carol Hansen: “Dr. Hansen: Last night a number of us observed President Tarvin with an armed security escort to her car. We’d like to know- does the district cover the cost of the guard? If so, how much does it cost and what was the purpose? Was there some sort of threat last night that warranted an armed guard? Thank you.”

She has never responded.

A citizen filed a CPRA and finally received these emails:

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.29.17 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.18.57 PM.png

Here is the invoice:

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.18.40 PM.png


What exactly is the threat? Nobody is quite sure. Is it the threatening tone used by Comunidad leader Victor Valladeres directed toward a board member? The assault upon another citizen by a supporter of Tarvin at a meeting that occurred last September?

No. Instead, this seems connected to the restraining order filed by the district against an activist, Raymond Herrera, that was thrown out of court immediately due to its lack evidence. After all, in their communication with the bodyguard service, the district actually cites a a disparaging, slanderous hit piece against Herrera written by the OC Weekly, which has been stirring the racial pot with the district (while working hand in hand with Tarvin and Valladeres) for more than two years.

Here is the evidence:

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.19.15 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.19.37 PM.png


Why would the district include such a piece against Herrera? To many eyes, it’s all part of their false narrative being peddled to destroy his name and reputation by demonizing him. As one district insider (requesting anonymity) told me, “In my opinion, Tarvin is like a crazy, out of control drama queen. She calls the cops when she reads bad things on Facebook about herself. Now she is hiring a guy with a gun so she won’t have to talk to parents after meetings. It’s lunacy. It’s out of control and she is wasting taxpayer resources left and right.”

Here is video of Tarvin leaving a recent meeting, protected by her armed guard.

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UPDATE- District refuses to answer question over who paid for Tarvin’s armed escort at school board meeting (or why she needed one) (INCLUDES VIDEO OF EVENT)


(Tarvin, center, is escorted to her car, despite no apparent danger)

UPDATE – I wrote this to district Superintendent Dr. Carol Hansen on Wednesday, June 28: Dr. Hansen: Last night a number of us observed President Tarvin with an armed security escort to her car. We’d like to know- does the district cover the cost of the guard? If so, how much does it cost and what was the purpose? Was there some sort of threat last night that warranted an armed guard? Thank you.

She has yet to answer.

JUNE 27: On a night at a school board meeting that literally saw virtually every single public comment tear into both she and the board, a grim-faced Gina Tarvin, Ocean View School District President, left the meeting with both a private armed security guard and a burly district grounds keeper.

At public comments, a number of residents, myself included, challenged Tarvin on the many social media “jail terms” being served for criticizing her. I mentioned at comments that I simply wanted to ask her on the record – yes or no – was she involved in the many online punishments being meted out. It seems the threat of that simple question may have caused her to actually ask for security detail to her car. I asked as she left if we might have a moment with her and she declined.

For once it was a relaxed scene outside the meeting; no police officers or bussed in radicals to speak on behalf of Tarvin. But as other board members, staff, parents, etc. milled about, chatting and laughing on this cool evening summer, a seemingly nervous and agitated-looking Tarvin was hustled out to her car by the pistol-toting guard and grounds keeper.

She was not threatened. She appeared to be in no danger. We simply wanted to know if she is involved in the dozens of Facebook “jailings” that have been mysteriously happening whenever her name is invoked by critics of the embattled, controversial district president.

Here is the video of Tarvin being escorted to her car by the security team.

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Evidence emerges of OVSD Trustee President Tarvin personally attempting to get someone removed from Facebook.

Recently, many Huntington Beach citizens have expressed deep concern with the fact that OVSD trustee president Gina Tarvin refuses to answer questions about the fact that many of her social media critics are being banned from Facebook, in some cases, simply for typing her name. But an interesting piece of evidence has just emerged that shows the elected official admitting to taking part in the reporting process that gets people banned from Facebook.

In a message sent to administrators of the OVSD Facebook forum all the way back on March 11, 2015, trustee president Tarvin not only appears to be gently accusing the admins of “condoning harassment” by allowing certain comments that criticize her, but also admits reporting the account to Facebook, due to her accusation that the account is fake. Problem is, she offers zero evidence that the person, “John Cambridge” is, as she states, “a fictitious alias set up by someone” to attack her. Here is the message:


Another obvious questions is, why is Tarvin concerned with aliases? She never expressed any concern when a good friend of hers, Pat Mahoney, a Nashville resident who is an executive for Man Head Merch, started the cyberstalking harassment site, The site frequently invoked Tarvin’s name and she regularly spent time on the site’s Facebook page. Here is some proof:


Many believe she was an active part of the site, which obsessively attacked myself and many other local residents. Tarvin would never denounce the behavior. Or explain her relationship with Mahoney. Yet in the recently revealed message, she takes deep issue with someone allegedly posting under an alias.


(Tarvin at left, Mahoney at right)

Once again, the trustee president appears to be playing two sides; against something when it hurst her, yet fully supporting the action when it serves her agenda.

For more stories on the people places in Facebook jail for daring to discuss the behavior of the controversial, embattled trustee president, I’ve written here, here, here, and here

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Tarvin critic earns THIRTY DAY Facebook ban for typing the words, “Crooked Gina”


It seems Ocean View School District Trustee President Gina Tarvin’s social media reign of terror continues. How else to explain the constant Facebook failings of so many people that merely type her name? Outspoken Tarvin critic Jim Knapp (whom according to an HBPD officer Tarvin infamously accused of “forced imprisonment” after he asked her some simple questions at a local library event) is the latest victim  – and he’s been here before for criticizing the controversial school official.


That’s what Knapp received for for commenting: “I think that’s why they call her Crooked Gina” on a Facebook post about Tarvin parking her car in the handicap spot (with a placard, it should be noted).

We have called on Tarvin multiple times to confirm or deny her involvement in shutting down free speech. She has refused to answer. I’ve alert the school superintendent no less than 7 times. I have yet to receive an answer.

I’ve written here, here, here, and here about this insidious problem.

But now, good news, it looks as if the Orange County DA may be getting involved after reviewing the patterns of behavior here.

Facebook users be warned – even mention the name “Gina Clayton Tarvin” – or typing the initials “GCT” leave you open to having your entire account shut down. Tarvin needs to address this situation. If she’s not involved, let’s hear it. If she is – in my opinion she needs to step down from office at once.

Either way – the people of Huntington Beach deserve answers.


For further information regarding the behavior of Ms. Tarvin, the web site appears to be a reliquary or her words, thoughts and deeds.

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MORE Huntington Beach citizens have their Facebook accounts blocked for daring to even type Gina Tarvin’s initials


I’ve written here before about the increasing number of residents finding their Facebook accounts banned for even the most tepid criticism of Ocean View School District president Gina Tarvin.

As it got worse, I continued writing about it.

And now this just in – two more citizens banned from Facebook for these comments. In the latter, not how just her initials – GCT – we used:


How does she do it?

On October 9, 2016, I sent this query to Tarvin:

Ms. Tarvin: I’m writing a piece for my blog., regarding a growing number of HB residents actually being banned from using Facebook after posting critical comments of you. I have approximately 8 people involved thus far, with several more being researched. 

I have two questions for you:

1. Are you involved at all in the campaigns against these people, either by directly reporting them or encouraging surrogates to do so?

2. Would you care to make a statement as to your opinion of these actions and what is happening to these residents?

To date I have received no response.


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