Is OVSD Trustee President Tarvin continually violating board bylaw 9121? Trustee Westwell: The board could care less

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Ocean View School District board bylaw 9121 (6) clearly states that the president will be “Representing the District as governance spokesperson in conjunction with the Superintendent.”

Which calls into question – all of these recent political endorsements and fundraisers that President Gina Tarvin has recently been making – ALL THE TIME WEARING HER TAXPAYER PURCHASED NAMEPLATE identifying her elected title – have they been voted on by the board or even discussed?

I reached out to trustee Norm Westwell who told me, “None of these events have ever been discussed. I have brought it to the board’s attention time and time again but there appears to be zero interest in the subject.”

Here are just a few of Tarvin’s recent Facebook posts – made on a page that appears to be her official OVSD page (again, not the presence of her official “shield”):

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 8.23.58 AM.png









Where are the answers from the district on this? This is a trustee president out of control

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One thought on “Is OVSD Trustee President Tarvin continually violating board bylaw 9121? Trustee Westwell: The board could care less

  1. Brett OC

    How does a school board trustee use her non partisan elected position to endorse partisan candidates and left wing Democratic Party functions and the other trustees, less one, not care? They are collectively a disgrace to the school district. From what I’ve heard and read that school district board is rogue and out of control and out of touch with the community. I heard she also mentored and supports to this day a Democratic Party activist who has a substantial criminal history and has been accused by his ex wife of terrible actions including domestic violence and animal cruelty. Honestly, who are we entrusting our children with. I’m completely at a loss. Shame on her. OVSD taxpayers and voters, I implore you to correct this nonsense next election. That board needs her out of leadership and balance more in keeping with the members in the community.


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