Opinion: Gina Tarvin needs to resign as Ocean View School District Trustee President


How much more evidence do people need? Some of the lowest test scores in the county. Dropping enrollment. And a trustee president that seems hellbent not on improving the district, but rather furthering her political career and going after private citizens that dare challenge her deeply political agendas.

There have been multiple lawsuits filed against the city and other entities, and it looks like another may be brewing:


Time and time again, Tarvin has lied and misled residents. She helped create the radical activist group, Oak View Comunidad. She has created more false drama, tension, aggravation and pain in this city than any other politician in recent memory.


A group of citizens is now preparing a recall effort against her. And her social media activism has sputtered into a litany of exaggerated, self-congratulatory nonsense that ever her most ardent supports seem to have tired of.

This morning I learned she is coming after me, requesting a bloated over-grab of information so disingenuous and over-the-top, it’s bordering offensive:

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 10.51.13 AM.png

In my opinion, for the good of the district and the city both, she needs to step down. Her destructive, seemingly diabolical thirst for power appears to have nothing to do with students – but everything to do with her.

Gina, we know, based on your extreme behavior in the past, that this simple call for you to resign may cause you to call for a restraining order, order another taxpayer funded armed body guard, call the chief of police – or worse. That is what you have done to mere critics in the past. But it’s over. Cut your losses and ours both. For once, do something for the good of something besides yourself and remove yourself from office.


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One thought on “Opinion: Gina Tarvin needs to resign as Ocean View School District Trustee President

  1. Veronicabeeb

    Brilliant! And how much of taxpayer/school district dollars were spent on the Public Records Request? She signs as a citizen but no doubt utilizing district attorneys to do her writing. What a shame.


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