“Facebook Jail” and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the silencing of one politician’s critics


So you open up your Facebook account, all fired up and ready to check in with friends and family, comment on posts and basically use the social media platform the way its makers have designed it for you to use. But wait. Something is wrong. You have been logged off your account an ominous message is waiting for you.



The offending comment(s) you are being punished for seems innocuous and forgettable. But it doesn’t matter.

Welcome to Facebook Jail. With each occurrence like this, your jail sentence will grow. One day. Three days. Seven days. 60 days. Two months. Forever.

Nobody is quite sure how it works. But an increasingly number of people are learning day by day that it is unfair, inexplicable and impossible to appeal.

There have been a number of articles about it in recent years, but not the sort of attention you’d think it would garner given how dependent so many have become on the social media platform. In many cases, people run businesses, family matters, maintain archives; store their entire lives on Facebook. And then boom. One day they wake and find that they have no more access or ability to communicate.

When something is removed from Facebook, it is not as if Facebook itself has some sort of on-line police force monitoring content. Those removals are prompted by reports that anyone can make when a comment or post bothers them. Reports are 100% anonymous and you can report anything. As you will see in just a bit, if people begin reporting in an organized, calculated way, even the simple word “whatever” may be enough to get you tossed in jail.

But when people file reports, what exactly happens at Facebook?

Some minor media attention

The New York Times wrote about it back in 2015. Sort of.

In the piece, the Times reported that:

Facebook will still rely on users to report violations of the standards. Ms. Bickert said that the company had review teams working at all hours of the day around the globe, and that every report was examined by one of them before a decision was made.

But Facebook wants to take into account the full context of a post, Ms. Bickert said. For example, a victim of a violent attack might post images on Facebook as a way of raising public awareness. “Sometimes the best way to share information about atrocities in the world is Facebook,” she said. “We recognize that is a very challenging issue.”

Facebook’s rulings can also be appealed. “If a person’s account is suspended, those appeals are read by real people who can look into the specifics,” she said.

So here, Facebook (which amazingly allowed someone to be quoted on the record- given their penchant for corporate secrecy) shares that there are actually “review teams” “ reading each complaint. But think about that. How much would they actually read? Would they go back weeks, months, even year to get the full context of what might have sent a discussion into the danger zone? Doubtful. And I can tell you from firsthand experience, the claim that Facebook’s rulings can be “appealed” for content branded as offensive or inappropriate is simply not true.

The Washington Post took on the topic to some degree and the Guardian also spent some time on this issue.

In their piece, the Guardian wrote: “When it comes to public figures, Facebook maintains that it allows “open and critical discussion” of celebrities and people featured in the news, while warning that it will remove “credible threats to public figures, as well as hate speech directed at them – just as we do for private individuals.”

Huntington Beach, we have a problem

“Open and critical discussion… of people featured in the news?” That’s when I had to chuckle. See, here in Huntington Beach, California, where I live, there is an elected public official that has sent a chill through a large swath of the community because mysteriously, critiques of her or her performance seems to mysteriously get removed from Facebook, resulting in dozens of Facebook jailings.

Her name is Gina Clayton Tarvin and she is the head of the Ocean View School District. She is very polarizing. Some support her rabid community organizing and frequent Facebook presence. Others find her political machinations and public attacks on private citizens beyond the scope of her elected duties. I fall into the latter category. I’ve blogged about the silencing of her critics on multiple occasions, posting the exact comments that resulted in people’s Facebook accounts being banned. You can read some of my coverage hereherehere and here. None of it has ever been formally challenged by either Tarvin or the district.

She is someone that has, on occasion called my editor at the local newspaper where I once wrote a column. In my editor’s view, she was applying pressure when she read something she took issue with on social media. It frustrated my editor to receive calls from an elected official regarding public expression, but he did cite some arcane Los Angeles Times social media guidelines (written in the 1990s) as a reason that I should not discuss her on Facebook. He didn’t want problems, but her calls made him uneasy. She was, in my editor’s own words, “Clearly trying to suppress opposing voices that disagreed with her.”

But was she now extending those same efforts to actually shut down Facebook accounts?

Here is a collection of some of the comments about Tarvin by a variety of critics that all had their accounts suspended. In most cases these are parents that live in the district and concerned citizens. There are no threats, no language I would describe as profane, and no personal information given out. I’ve masked the names of all private citizens, leaving only the names of Tarvin and other elected officials.

This first one is something I posted myself. There was a discussion with her supporters saying she was being “smeared” when people merely asked her questions. Ironically, this comment got me banned for one full month:













It goes on and on and on and on…

There are MANY more of these examples. All of them regard Tarvin. In some cases her name is typed out. But even when referred to by her initials, “GCT,” like in the last image, accounts are being taken down. How could Facebook possibly justify banning accounts over comments like this? Again, this doesn’t happen by accident. Those comments were reported by the public, Facebook did not go looking for them. It doesn’t work like that.

Locally, citizens (myself included) have attempted to ask Tarvin about what exactly is going on. I’ve sent these questions to her personally numerous times – each email has been ignored:

Ms. Tarvin: I’m writing a piece for my blog. surfcitychronicles.com, regarding a growing number of HB residents actually being banned from using Facebook after posting critical comments of you. I have approximately 8 people involved thus far, with several more being researched.

I have two questions for you:

  1. Are you involved at all in the campaigns against these people, either by directly reporting them or encouraging surrogates to do so?
  2. Would you care to make a statement as to your opinion of these actions and what is happening to these residents?

Again, zero response after multiple queries. What sort of elected official ignores questions as important as these?

I went to numerous school board meetings to speak at public comments about the Facebook situation (as others did, too). The topic was ignored, so I’d try to ask my question after the meeting as Tarvin would walk to her car. But by then, she was being escorted at meetings by an actual armed guard – ignoring all questions as she left (and who wants to challenge an armed guard? This felt like another intimidating tactic to silence critics).


At another public event, at a library, a citizen attempted to ask her about what had been with his account when he criticized her. Her supporters formed a human barricade around her, and the police were called. The man asked questions. That was it. The police told him he was being accused of trespassing, assault and, astonishingly, false imprisonment (he had cat-called his questions to her outside as she left, after being tossed, and evidently she felt unsafe leaving the building. I wrote about the incident here.)

Then this happened. One night after I spoke at a school board meeting, which was being live-streamed via Facebook Live, a viewer wrote the following in response to myself and others that questioned Tarvin:


This was something I wanted to report to Facebook. I mean, if accounts were taken down for gently critiquing Tarvin, surely this one crossed the line. So I reported it. I soon received this message:


That’s right. Facebook Community Standards had no problem with that comment. Under their review system, whatever that may be, it violated nothing.

With no way to actually reach a Facebook representative, I tried posting in one of their “help” forums. This was ignored.


But I did find this post in a Facebook “help” forum, and discovered a bit of Orwellian language that intrigued me:


“Facebook receives signals from the community and may establish limits to prevent behavior that other people on the site may find unwanted and annoying.” Really? What exactly constitutes “Signals from the community?” Perhaps an organized group that acts in tandem to erase comments (and people) that don’t fit their political narrative?

Some opinions about what is happening

All of the people I’ve spoken to that have had their accounts banned for talking about Tarvin ask the same question, “How does she do it?” Or “How do her supporters do it?” There are no easy or definitive answers. As I said, I have tried reaching out to Facebook many times, to no avail. A friend of mine who has worked with the company before reached out to a contact there in regards to shedding light on the company’s banning policy. They were told, “Nobody is allowed to discuss any banning policies. That is 100% off-limits.” When I learned that an old friend of mine had taken a job at Facebook, I queried them about the same topic. I was told essentially the same thing. “Don’t even bother going there. They will not engage on that subject.”

Someone requesting anonymity here in Huntington Beach shared with me that there is a group of locals that “mob reports” on behalf of the school board trustee president. My source was unwilling to say what the president’s involvement was because they weren’t sure. As it was explained to me, “There are no physical trails of this stuff for obvious reasons. It’s phone calls, private texts and in-person meetings. But they definitely figured out that if a “community” of people begins reporting something, then they can be very effective. It seems that once Facebook recognizes somebody as a culprit, they seem more apt to ban them no matter how innocuous their comments. And once Facebook decides that a term like “Crooked Gina” is offensive, it seems there’s no un-doing that action.” It seems clear that there is some kind of algorithmic formula that, once triggered, is hard to undue. Also, given that people can create as many false profiles is that like, exponentially, a handful of people can report something hundreds of times, setting off potential Facebook alarms. That’s the key – the “mobbing” – mass reporting against a comment or post, no matter how innocuous it may be ,

Another person within Tarvin’s network said to me, “Look, she may have some kind of tacit involvement here without getting her fingerprints on it. It’s hard to believe that the person named in many of the reports is not taking part. Facebook seems to respond strongest to complaints when the person reporting matches the name of the person being attacked. So draw your own conclusions.”

In my opinion, the bottom line is this: any elected official that sees this going on on their behalf, is not part of it, and refuses to issue any sort of public distance from this kind of silencing, is suspicious. People are being punished for voicing their opinions, period. If an elected official is involved in that, it matters.

If Tarvin and/or her supporters have indeed figured out how to game the Facebook banning system, I think the public deserves to know. That’s just my opinion. When elected official try to stifle dissent, I do think it becomes a first amendment issue. But voters here in Huntington Beach will have to decide what they think about this. We as voters have the power to remove her. The rest of the school board, I’m sure, could also force her exit.

How to fix the problem

All that said, this kind of free expression abuse takes two, and Facebook’s draconian, woefully inconsistent policies regarding being banned are 100% to blame. They created the system which is being abused, and I have two suggestions that I believe would fix these problems immediately:

  1. Remove the anonymity for people who report problems.After all, if you’re going to be placed in jail, are you not entitled to know who your accusers are? I know the anonymity is probably put in place to protect people. But when the rule ends up actually protecting the bad guys, what does that say about it the policy?
  2. Start suspending the accounts of those who abuse the “report” button. For instance, let’s say you report 10 things and none of them rise to the standard of punishment – I think that should result in some Facebook Jail time.

Facebook strives so hard to create “community” yet allows, even facilitates a chilling brand of speech policing and punishment.

Oh and lastly. This really happened. A local mom who has been critical of Tarvin had a terse but lighthearted exchange with one of Tarvin’s most vicious, vociferous supporters. She ended the chat with the words “(NAME), Whatever you say! Lol” – and was banned for a month. Mr. Zuckerberg, free these people.




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Are Tarvin’s political aspirations more important to her than dismal district test scores? If so, then she needs to step down.

What exactly is her end game? For months on end, Ocean View School District Trustee President Tarvin’s leftist, community organizing roots have been on full display. When not pushing for single-payer health care, she is endorsing a litany of left-wing congressional candidates, spearheading strange campaigns at city hall against what she perceives are unnatural odors in the air and continuing to cozy up to radical groups such as Oak View Comunidad and Comunidad.

Some of her recent activity:



According to citizen Jim Ball, at the end of a recent board meeting, after final public comments and therefore no opportunity for public rebuttal, board president Gina Clayton-Tarvin provided a rambling soliloquy of her own views on the DACA issue.

I’m just going to say very quickly, I’m very disappointed in our President of the United States of America.  He has stated today that he wants to and is going to, he plans to end in six months the DACA program.  This will affect our students.  I don’t think it’s a good idea and I think our congress needs to intervene and do something that they haven’t done in the past I don’t know how many years even under President Obama.  Lawmakers need to make the laws, the President should be there to either accept or veto.  I think things are a little out of balance right now.  We have a lot of Dreamers in our country who have served the military, have served … are taxpayers, have done what they needed to do because they were told they have the promise of being able to someday have a path to citizenship, and I think that it is shortsighted to want to expel an almost a 800 … what was it 800,000 people, almost a million people.  I am totally opposed and I wanted to have that on record because you don’t even know who the Dreamers are, you don’t know who the people are.  You may have them working for you, you may have them in your family, you may have them at your school sites.  And it’s unfortunate this has arisen as a … being used as a political tool.  I think it’s awful.

Per Ball, Trustee Tarvin made a number of comments needing clarification:

1.)  Ending DACA “will affect our students”.  How?  We are an elementary district.  How many Dreamers are students in OVSD?

2.)  She is disappointed in President Trump, yet he is doing his constitutional duty by reversing the illegal legislating done unconstitutionally by President Obama.  That’s inconsistent!  She later even points out the proper role of the President.  Obama’s DACA executive order was unconstitutional, and now Trumps is correcting that.

3.)  She seems to support selectivity in obeying laws.  Is she an anarchist?   Can I just ignore the 3-minute rule for public board comments because I believe my views justify it.

But what about the school district she was elected to help lead? Test scores were recently posted by the Orange County Register and appallingly, the numbers at Oak View, a school that Tarvin has propped up for more than two years, are some of the lowest in the county, if not the state. How can Tarvin continue to push her own political agenda while a school as needy as Oak View sits at the bottom?

Simple answer? She needs to be held accountable by the school staff, fellow board members, district parents and community at large. Unless Tarvin can prove that she actually has the district’s best interests at heart, in this writer’s opinion, she needs to step down.

Look at these numbers. What do YOU think? Is she ding the job she was elected to do? Or using the position of trustee president to each higher office?


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Why I absolutely will dine at Captain Jacks – and why I hope you will, too


As many of you read in the last day, I took huge issue with the way I was attacked by a server at Captain Jack’s, a popular seafood restaurant in nearby Sunset Beach. I wrote that I would not be returning to the restaurant because I did not trust the server, whose name I did not reveal. Clearly her politics drove her rage as it seems to do with a lot of people in the Indivisible OC 48 private Facebook group. But their recklessness and irresponsibility has absolutely nothing to do with Captain Jack’s.

I just got off the phone with one of the owners of the restaurant and the first thing I did was apologize to him for any blowback his family’s establishment might have received in view of my blog piece. I never wanted anybody to turn against the restaurant. My point was, I was more interested in exposing the reckless radical left that exists in our area but in doing so, I may have inelegantly made it seem like the restaurant was somehow part of her political diatribes.

They are not.

As Tim Haley just expressed to me, they were just as appalled as I was by the activity, and they knew absolutely nothing about it. Tim and his family have served our neighborhood communities for more than 50 years. Their integrity and commitment to excellence is well documented and appreciated by many. I look forward to returning to Captain Jack’s in the near future and I would encourage everybody else to do the same. Then again, you don’t need my recommendation. They have worked hard to achieve their own exceptional reputation but that said, I still encourage you to patronize this popular establishment. They have handled the situation with seriousness, action and dignity and I am deeply thankful for their more than professional reaction.

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Why I won’t be going to Captain Jack’s again anytime soon



Captain Jack’s in Sunset Beach is one of our most venerable local establishments, renowned for their King Crab legs.

But we won’t be going there anymore.

This week, I received a private Facebook message from someone I’ve never met (I’ve removed the person’s name). The “blue” are my responses. (Below her name on top of the message, her place of employment was identified).

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 11.47.20 AM.jpg

She was referring to a photo that was posted over the weekend of myself and local congressman Dana Rohrabacher, whom I became friendly with years ago when my late mom worked as a volunteer for him.

Dana and I had been enjoying the air show. Her message to me identified her as a server at Captain Jack’s restaurant. Then, before engaging anymore, I noticed she was part of the Facebook group Indivisible OC 48 – who were formed to attack the congressman just after last year’s presidential election. I’ve written about them before – in particular when they marched on the congressman’s property (scaring his kids) and when they put an elderly woman, one of his staffers, in the hospital when they were creating chaos in his office hallways. This screenshot is from the night they stormed his property.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 9.56.14 PM.png

I, along with many others, have been shocked at the threats and anger that the group has embraced in the last few months. The controversial, race-obsessed activist from Garden Grove, Indivisible OC 48 member Monica Curca, actually seemed to suggest taunting, stalking and harassing him. Oh, and need a gay slur? Indivisible OC 48 seems happy to oblige:



Then I saw what the person writing me was responding to – the photo of Dana and I, altered to insult us in the typically childish, hateful tone that has come to define the group this group of fanatics:

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 7.19.52 PM.jpg



And there was the Captain Jack’s server, calling us a “A disgusting couple of guys.” Fine, whatever. But I don’t even know this person.

Still, it made me wonder about something. So I engaged her again, with a question. The answer is why I will no longer spend my money at Captain Jack’s.


Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 12.02.17 PM.jpg

She called for back up, because she didn’t want to serve him, presumably over his political beliefs. That is discrimination, plain and simple.

It bothered me enough that I called the manager of the restaurant and explained my concerns, and that I was cancelling all future plans to dine there. I also wondered, given how clearly maniacal some of these anti-Dana activists are, if his food was even safe that night. The manager was professional, extremely concerned and agreed strongly with every single point I made. He apologized profusely and I thanked him for his time.

Not ten or so minutes later I received an apology from the server. This is the rest of our conversation:

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 12.09.36 PM.jpg

I do appreciate that she reached out as she did. However, had I not complained, I’m fairly sure it never would have happened on its own. And the congressman, in my opinion, absolutely was discriminated against when he dined there. For that reason, I will not return. I don’t care what side of the political aisle someone is on. I would not patronize any establishment where this took place – where someone’s beliefs caused them to be punished.

Also, I do not trust the motives and tactics of Indivisible OC 48, which seems to grow angrier and more volatile each day. When people, in this case me, are attacked by total strangers for simply posting a photo with a friend, something is wrong. But when the behavior crosses over into the real world and actually affects job performance, something is, in my opinion, crazy.

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VIDEO: Activist Janice Unger-Ugland loses temper and attacks when asked about her habit of photographing me in public


Here in Huntington Beach there is an activist named Janice Unger-Ugland. She likes to pass herself off as some sort of feel- good hippie that is constantly spewing 1960’s aphorisms (“Right on!”) and peace signs while in reality, in my opinion, actually uses her passive aggressive front to disguise a much different sort of person – one that is constantly digging into people’s pasts and working behind the scenes with local radical groups like Oak View Comunidad and dishonest left wing officials like Gina Clayton Tarvin.  I first became aware of her when she approached me in 2014. She was proud that she had dug up many (what she considered to be) incriminating on-line public posts by then HB councilman Joe Shaw. She told me she found the vulgar posts by digging deep into his posting history on The Daily Kos web site and ultimately, I believe her work helped get him tossed from office in that year’s election.

I’m not sure what her problem is with me, but at several public events in the last year, I’ve noticed her photographing me with a zoom lens. This happened most recently at a rally she attended to protest a local congressman, and her behavior was also witnessed by Michael Daly, who runs the popular Huntington Beach Community Forum on Facebook (she was secretly photographing the two of us talking until Mr. Daly called her out).

I’ve never approached her to ask why she takes pictures as she does. When I make eye contact with her, she quickly stashes the camera and acts as if she was doing nothing. It’s odd to say the least. Also strange is the fixation her husband Tom has with me, for months, endlessly obsessing over me on his private Facebook page, posting on virtually anything I said or did publicly. I do not know these people (nor do I want to).

This morning at the Breitling Air Show here in town, before many people had arrived, my son and I were sitting in a private tent. I think we were the only two people in the entire tent at that point, though there may have been a few others. Imagine my shock when I looked about 100 feet away and noticed Ms. Ugland, camera trained right on me and my son. Now, she has every right to take pictures. Of me or anyone else. It’s a public event. But I also have a right to ask why she she makes a habit of photographing me and today, given that I felt she was intruding on my son and I, decided to ask her directly (she quickly ditched the camera when she caught me looking at her). It also felt weird and stalker-like.

I approached her and asked why, creating a video record of the moment with my iPhone – reason being I do not trust these people. She turned her back on me, refused to answer, and as usual pretended she wasn’t doing anything, and her husband chimed in that she was simply taking pictures of the booth.

The “booth?”

That is absurd.  A plastic white tent where my son and I were sitting alone in the front row of chairs? Give me a break. Plus, why did he answer for her? How did he know what she was shooting? To me it was clearly a lame cover up. They knew what they were doing. This is who they are. She actually decided that my question required that she go find security, and when I stopped taping and asked her again why she makes a habit of photographing me, she snapped, getting wild-eyed and furious, unleashing a barrage of angry, unhinged profanity. I will not repeat the expletives she yelled, but I do feel bad for any kids at the show that may have heard her outburst. So much for the hippie act.

I resumed taping and asked her to repeat what she had just called me. As you can see in the second piece of video – she actually smacks my phone with her open hand (while also trying to take it from my hands). Evidently she is allowed to document people, but nobody is allowed to do it to her. Throughout She got wild-eyes and hissed at me – You are full of SHIT..! She tried to grab my phone as I videotaped her, then soon after slammed it with her fist. I told them both I found their behavior sick, and her husband creepily repeating “We’re locals…we’re locals…” I’ve no idea what he means by that. But he constantly refers to me as a “tourist.” I’ve lived here almost 20 years. I raised my kids here.

I was NOT going to share these video clips. Then, I became aware of this post by Ugland:




She is lying. She is trying to use her phony Facebook persona to misrepresent what happened. I approached her “out of nowhere?” How on earth did she manage to be sitting so close to our private booth? Did she stalk us coming in? When she saw that I noticed she had her camera trained on us, she quickly put it away. What is her motive? She admits “cursing me out” – but she leaves out the “assault” she committed. How convenient.

Note that she does not even deny taking photos of me and my son.

And I was not “escorted” by anyone. That is ludicrous. A gentleman asked me what was happening and I said I was, in my opinion, being stalked by two losers. I walked back to our tent after making my point (and honestly, her anger made me nervous). As for her comment that I need “professional help,” I would remind her that lost her temper and actually STRUCK ME. When she says she wants security and I remind her I could show them footage of her striking my phone, she says “Have them arrest me.”

Again, I had zero plan to share her behavior. But what she wrote required an answer. That she chose to post something as dishonest as she did, to me, clearly illustrates that she knows what she did is very wrong and exposed her true self. She is in damage control mode if you ask me. I will not file a restraining order against this person just yet. However, I will continue to ask her in public, should she continue her habit of stealth photography, why she is doing what she does. Should she lose her temper and physically attack again, then I will re-assess the situation. But yes, personally, based on today’s outburst, I find her dangerous.

Video one is my initial question to her – despite her post, you will hear nothing “menacing.” It’s a simple question: why do I see you trying to secretly photograph me? And she refuses to answer. Video two is where she strike me. It’s all right there. Right on?


In her ensuing comments, I would argue that Ugland seems delusional – suggesting her husband “Take it out to the parking lot” (another threat?) is 100% false. Did not happen. She is lying once more.Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 12.25.27 AM.png

There are other mounting lies now on her page. She is shameless. She’s dug her self a hole and now comes the hard part – trying to lie her way out of her violent behavior. For the record, I have written/documented her dishonest, unhinged behavior before.

A couple of years ago, while referring the “Put a Lid on it” comunidad rally, I made a typo, writing “”Puta Lid on it” – Janice actually took it to mean that she was being called a “Puta” (Mexican for “whore”) – she actually accused me of that – and continued to insist on motive even though I told her I’d never even heard the term “Puta.” It is crazy. When I  wrote that I had interviewed the dishonest school board president Gina Clayton Tarvin, and that the audio lasted about ten minutes – well, when it turned out to be just eight minutes, she actually started a campaign that there were “TWO MISSING MINUTES!”  Like I said – in my opinion – she’s dishonest and *very* sneaky.


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Tarvin’s personal politics now dominating Ocean View School District

In the last several weeks, OVSD Trustee President has been all over social media. proclaiming her support of congressional candidates, and more. As she makes her endorsements, many have become concerned as to whether she is representing the full board or not – after all she is the district spokesperson and she is wearing her OVSD nameplate, so clearly she is there in an official capacity, not a personal one.



I wrote the superintendent Dr. Carol Hansen to ask, is she representing the entire board with her endorsement? Was a vote taken? Were they even aware of this?

My messages have gone ignored.

Now this, from a member of the public requesting anonymity:

This report covers DACA comments made by the OVSD board president on 5 September 2017.  An audio recording of the OVSD board of trustees is available at the district web site:


At the end of the meeting, after final public comments and therefore no opportunity for public rebuttal, board president Gina Clayton-Tarvin provided a rambling soliloquy of her own views on the DACA issue at the recording time of 02:19:35.  A listener can quickly get to this time by scrolling the audio bar forward.  Below is a transcribed version of her statement:

I’m just going to say very quickly, I’m very disappointed in our President of the United States of America.  He has stated today that he wants to and is going to, he plans to end in six months the DACA program.  This will affect our students.  I don’t think it’s a good idea and I think our congress needs to intervene and do something that they haven’t done in the past I don’t know how many years even under President Obama.  Lawmakers need to make the laws, the President should be there to either accept or veto.  I think things are a little out of balance right now.  We have a lot of Dreamers in our country who have served the military, have served … are taxpayers, have done what they needed to do because they were told they have the promise of being able to someday have a path to citizenship, and I think that it is shortsighted to want to expel an almost a 800 … what was it 800,000 people, almost a million people.  I am totally opposed and I wanted to have that on record because you don’t even know who the Dreamers are, you don’t know who the people are.  You may have them working for you, you may have them in your family, you may have them at your school sites.  And it’s unfortunate this has arisen as a … being used as a political tool.  I think it’s awful.

Trustee Tarvin made a number of comments needing clarification:

1.)  Ending DACA “will affect our students”.  How?  We are an elementary district.  How many Dreamers are students in OVSD?

2.)  She is disappointed in President Trump, yet he is doing his constitutional duty by reversing the illegal legislating done unconstitutionally by President Obama.  That’s inconsistent!  She later even points out the proper role of the President.  Obama’s DACA executive order was unconstitutional, and now Trumps is correcting that.

3.)  She seems to support selectivity in obeying laws.  Is she an anarchist?   Can I just ignore the 3-minute rule for public board comments because I believe my views justify it?

All good questions, it seems. And again, it seems clear now that Tarvin’s personal politics are at the forefront of her role as trustee president. Parents need to be aware of this, as does the general public, as it clearly seems that Tarvin has little to no concept for the fact that she represents an entire board. As well, are her personal politics taking weight over the needs of students and staff? At what point does the rest of the board attempt to stop her?

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OVSD Trustee President Tarvin publicly uses same “threatening” term that she filed a restraining over when it was used against her


OVSD Trustee President Gina Clayton Tarvin (seen above with her taxpayer-funded armed security guard leaving a board meeting) earlier this year attempted, yet failed to get a restraining order against an activist named Raymond Herrera, a combat veteran who takes issue with her seemingly left-wing political stances. As seen here in the filed order, his term “take her out” was thought by Tarvin to be a threat of “physical harm.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 10.54.16 AM.png

However, in a recent public social media post, Tarvin used the exact same language when talking about representative Darrell Issa – see her last sentence:

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 7.56.53 AM.png


There are other obvious concerns with her photo/post- since she is wearing her official shield, did the entire board endorse Applegate? If not, is it right that she seems to be officially representing the district?

All of these questions have been asked of the superintendent, Dr. Carol Hansen, will update post if/when answers are received.

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OVSD spending school district money for gun-toting guard (perhaps through rest of year). Uses OC Weekly article to justify actions

FullSizeRender 7

Tarvin leaving recent board with private, armed security. There were no threats evident.

The image has become all to familiar: Ocean View School District trustee president Gina Tarvin being escorted to her car by an armed guard as citizens attempt to ask her questions about an alleged campaign to have all of her critics silenced on social media.

New emails reveal that the district is spending what is presumably taxpayer dollars, $250 per meeting, and has committed that expenditure through the rest of the year. Forgetting how many school supplies that money might buy, the questions remain, why are they doing this?

June 28, I sent this letter to Superintendent Dr. Carol Hansen: “Dr. Hansen: Last night a number of us observed President Tarvin with an armed security escort to her car. We’d like to know- does the district cover the cost of the guard? If so, how much does it cost and what was the purpose? Was there some sort of threat last night that warranted an armed guard? Thank you.”

She has never responded.

A citizen filed a CPRA and finally received these emails:

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.29.17 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.18.57 PM.png

Here is the invoice:

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.18.40 PM.png


What exactly is the threat? Nobody is quite sure. Is it the threatening tone used by Comunidad leader Victor Valladeres directed toward a board member? The assault upon another citizen by a supporter of Tarvin at a meeting that occurred last September?

No. Instead, this seems connected to the restraining order filed by the district against an activist, Raymond Herrera, that was thrown out of court immediately due to its lack evidence. After all, in their communication with the bodyguard service, the district actually cites a a disparaging, slanderous hit piece against Herrera written by the OC Weekly, which has been stirring the racial pot with the district (while working hand in hand with Tarvin and Valladeres) for more than two years.

Here is the evidence:

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.19.15 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.19.37 PM.png


Why would the district include such a piece against Herrera? To many eyes, it’s all part of their false narrative being peddled to destroy his name and reputation by demonizing him. As one district insider (requesting anonymity) told me, “In my opinion, Tarvin is like a crazy, out of control drama queen. She calls the cops when she reads bad things on Facebook about herself. Now she is hiring a guy with a gun so she won’t have to talk to parents after meetings. It’s lunacy. It’s out of control and she is wasting taxpayer resources left and right.”

Here is video of Tarvin leaving a recent meeting, protected by her armed guard.

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Citizens now getting banned from Facebook for mentioning Gina Clayton Tarvin- for – you ready? Posting news that they got banned for mentioning Gina Clayton Tarvin

It’s getting crazy – people get banned for mentioning the embattled, controversial OVSD Trustee President- but then when they display the announcement they are banned- THAT GETS BANNED TOO.

You can’t make this stuff up. In this writer’s opinion she either needs to address or step down from office.


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VIDEO: OVSD President Tarvin, under increasing pressure for refusing to answer questions about social media attacks, slams door in citizen’s face

After the Ocean View School District meeting on Tuesday, July 11, Trustee President Gina Tarvin, under increasing pressure to address the growing number of people being banned from social media for merely typing her name, again emerged from the meeting with a district-hired armed guard. As well this time, other board members appeared to form a phalanx around her to prevent her from having to speak to the public. A young woman approached Tarvin after she got in her Mercedes to finally address, and Tarvin slammed the door shut and drove away.

The superintendent refuses to answer questions about whether or not taxpayers are footing the cost for the armed guard, or why he is even at the meetings in the first place.

On the video, the guard is first scene walking in advance of Tarvin to her car.

The video:






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