Citizen files formal cease and desist complaint against Clayton-Tarvin’s “harassment activities, intimidation, defamation” of her character

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Surf City Chronicles today became aware of a registered letter sent by  Annette R. Chilvers of Huntington Beach to the Ocean View School District. Apparently it is yet another salvo in reaction to district trustee Gina Clayton Tarvin’s misleading and at times flat-out untrue statements made on social media about Ms. Chilvers (the trustee has made numerous other similar dishonest statements about myself and others in recent weeks – I myself also filed a formal complaint against Clayton-Tarvin for the same reason).

Chilvers’ letter stems from these statements mad win mid-December by Clayton-Tarvin:






And here is the letter she sent:


Dear OVSD School Board C/F Dr. Carol Hansen,

This letter is in regards to your following activities:

Dr. Hansen and all the OVSD Board members, per my conversation with Dr. Carol Hansen December 18, 2017 I am informing any and all OVSD School Board members, in particular Ms. Gina Clayton Tarvin to cease and desist harassment activities, intimidation, defamation of my character.  Specifically uploading and posting a video to a third party via the Internet which she informs twenty thousand people of false statements.  Ms. Tarvin, acting OVSD school board president took it upon herself to speak on my behalf with false statements. Ms. Tarvin’s statement my sole intention of attending the College View Forum was to stir up trouble and specifically to announce my intent to have Ms. Tarvin recalled due to construction of a fence; lastly, coercion with another OVSD Board member on a recall notice.  Ms. Tarvin’s statements are knowingly false; I was listed as a volunteer by the OVSD Board to distribute fliers for the November College View Forum meeting.  November 10th I received a voicemail from College View principal Ms. Katherine Smith stating she was instructed by OVSD to request my assistance with distribution of fliers for this meeting.  That evening  (5:00p.m.) a stack of fliers attached with Ms. Smith’s OVSD business card was left on my doorstep.  Ms. Tarvin was negligent in her actions and disregarded the duty of care to not make knowingly false statements about myself, Annette Chilvers, a private citizen to damage my character.  Ms. Tarvin has impugned my professional reputation and standing in the community.  My civil rights have been violated, an invasion of my personal privacy and family with a minor child who resides in the OVSD have been placed in peril due to Ms. Tarvin, an elected official defamatory actions.  In addition, I am demanding a retraction of the defamatory comments made by Ms. Gina Tarvin to a third party via the internet titled: Ocean View School District Public Forum.

Your actions (Gina Clayton Tarvin) have become unbearable and these activities are in violation of my right to be free of such harassment.  This letter/email serves as your legal notice to CEASE AND DESIST THESE ACTIVITIES IMMEDIATELY as well any other actions, which may constitute harassment or violate my legal rights.  If you fail to comply with this notice, legal action will promptly be brought against you, including having law enforcement pursue criminal charges and recovering any damages I have suffered in civil court for physical and mental distress or otherwise.  I am not waiving any present or future rights to pursue legal actions against you (Gina Clayton Tarvin).  This matter is not open to any further negotiation or discussion.


Annette Roy Chilvers



I am reaching out to the district for their comment on this; will update as new information becomes available.

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