Rare Huntington Beach film revealed


Several years ago, I wrote about Leroy Jauman after we visited the home on Eighth Street where he was born, the abode with those two tall, slender palm trees in front of it. His dad, Andy, planted those trees in honor of his son Leroy’s birth back in 1924, and that they still sway in the ocean breeze is a marvelous thing: a symbol of everlasting parental love.

But the day we met there, Leroy tantalizingly shared some information about another piece of local history that goes back to his youth: a movie that was made by a teacher at what today is Dwyer Middle School (and back then was known as Central Elementary School).

Mrs. Elinor Greer was the teacher, and in 1937, when Leroy was 13, she decided to shoot a film as part of a master’s degree she was in the process of working toward. It ran 40 minutes and was titled “The Air Mail Saves the Day.” She cast Leroy, whom she considered her teacher’s pet, to star as “Leroy Brown,” a bit of a hellraiser who must find a way to help his family find money to pay the mortgage, lest they lose their house

It’s a storyline that could have easily been ripped from today’s stale-economy headlines, and in the film, Leroy decides to enter an essay contest that promises a big payout.

As Jauman described to me, the film was shot all over Huntington Beach and captured rare footage of the oil wells, Pacific Electric Red Cars, Main Street and more. But when he said he had a copy of the vintage film and was willing to share, it almost seemed too good to be true.

However, when I met him and his former classmates from Huntington Beach High School, class of ’42, recently for lunch, there was the VHS tape, brought by his friend and classmate Rosemary Robinson. When I arrived back home and popped it in the player, I was genuinely taken aback by what I saw, and thoroughly impressed with the efforts of Mrs. Greer.

The film is silent, and title cards are interwoven throughout, helping to advance the narrative as we see a teenaged Jauman and his classmates chewing the scenery for almost 40 minutes — an epic for the time. The title cards appears to be typewritten pieces of paper simply filmed by the camera operator, as there were obviously no optic effects available for the class.

The scene is set with this opening card: “In the windy city of Pacific Beach is the home of the Brown family.” Then we see some establishing shots of oil wells, the ocean, and a house that bears a striking resemblance to the house Jauman was born in — and there is a small palm tree right in front. Did they shoot there? Jauman could not quite pinpoint all of the locales around the city, but he thinks that may be his house of birth.

Another card: “The mortgage is due in 15 days. Father cannot get work. Everything looks hopeless.” So the young Jauman gets to work when he hears about an essay contest in New York.

The film reminded me of something producer Hal Roach might have created in his Our Gang days, a bunch of ragtag kids running around town, trying to stave off the evil “villain” who can’t wait to evict the family.

Throughout the film, the viewer is treated to some remarkable footage of Huntington Beach. We see Jauman march up to a mailbox on Main Street near Pacific Coast Highway and mail his entry. We the post office on Main Street, the same one that is there today, as the letter gets sorted. Then we see the mailman place the mail sack on a Pacific Electric Red Car bound for Los Angeles, where it will be put on a plane to New York. The footage of the train car pulling away from the Main Street station, oil derricks as far as the eye can see, is a “money shot” if there ever was one.

Mrs. Greer even includes footage of a plane taking off that, presumably, was shot at one of several locals airstrips that existed before Meadowlark Airport.

Long story short, the essay wins, but Leroy also learns an important lesson on paying attention in class about how to send a letter. See, he forgot to include his return address, as he hears on the radio, which jeopardizes his winning entry. Nevertheless, things are sorted out, the money is sent, good triumphs over evil and the family home is saved.

My friend Maria Hall-Brown, with whom I co-hosted the “Forgotten OC” series on the PBSSoCal program “Real Orange,” was kind enough to digitize the movie footage and edit a condensed, nine-minute version of “The Air Mail Saves the Day.”

To experience this cinematic trip back in time to Huntington Beach, 1937, simply look alongside this article on the Independent’s website.

And make sure you watch the end to see the elaborate credits, to get a real sense of how sophisticated this production was and how many students Mrs. Greer involved in the making of it. Jauman told me as much and it seems obvious, but she must have been just a marvelous teacher to go to these lengths. I only wish she could have known how many more people will now get to enjoy her work.

And in honor of Leroy, who has since passed away – thank you for sharing this treasure.

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“Central Park is Dying”

My friend Shari Engel wrote me what I considered to be a very powerful not several days ago. It is included in its entirety here, along with some images she has taken. You may know that Shari, along with her husband Steve and a tireless, dedicated group of volunteers work hard to enhance, protect and preserve many facets of the park.

But it’s clearly not enough. There has been some great help offered by various people, elected and otherwise (as she details) but as a city I think it’s time to come together and start offering some concrete solutions, lest we wake up one day to a dead Central Park.

Thank you, Shari, for writing this…


Central Park is Dying. Yes, I USED TO BE lured by the GREEN in my peripheral vision as I walked on the asphalt paths.

unspecified copy.jpeg

But, when I became a ‘3 day a week’ volunteer in the park and got up close to the trees and vegetation I saw dying trees and plants.

For two years I have been part of a team, restoring the garden behind the Central Park Library (The Secret Garden).

It was known as the Xeriscape Garden, when it was planted 30 years ago. That was a widely used term, back then, meaning drought tolerant.


The Xeriscape (Secret) Garden paths were uneven/unsafe and the plants were growing so close to the trail you had to duck and dive to get through. Most of the garden was so thick with weeds you couldn’t see in.


Two encampments were removed. Much like Shipley Nature Center, it had become overgrown with invasives and the investment and design were nearly lost.

These two areas of Central Park represent how creating a park may be important and exciting, but maintaining it is imperative. Delayed maintenance is not a cost saving plan. If a park can not be maintained properly then we need to delay building them.unspecified copy.jpegThe concept of our 350 acre Central Park by a group of city visionaries began in the late 60’s. The park was opened in 1974. That is an amazing accomplishment!



Just as we were cutting the ribbon for our Central Park, New York’s 843 acre Central Park was degrading due to minimal maintenance and misuse. New York’s budget crisis further hastened the park’s demise.


Central Park still has enough green to lull people into believing it is healthy and thriving.

Unfortunately, I only see the:

  1. Failing asphalt paths with large cracks. Recent, expensive Community Services Master Plan Survey said the most used city Facility, is Central Park.  And the number one activity is walking. Why didn’t we just spend that money on repairing the asphalt paths in CP instead?
  2. OLD rusted metal trash cans whose OLD metal supports are falling over.  40% of Central Park has no trash cans at all.
  3. Trees that have never been pruned or routinely maintained, ever. One worker, with the city parks maint. dept. for 30 years, attests to that and so do the dead trees.
  4. Irrigation system that is old and ineffective for maintaining healthy trees (bore beetle invades stressed/unhealthy trees). The park is watered with potable water. When the city had to cut back water, they cut back even more on watering the park lawn, thus the trees. If it had been non-potable water the trees might have been watered more.  http://ipm.ucanr.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn7421.html
  5. Recently planted young trees, that are dead, but remain propped up (barely) by supports, as if there is hope for them, to come back to life.
  6. Over 140 mulch mounds, where there once stood a tree. There are now huge areas, barren of trees.
  7. Shipley temporary parking lot (which was on the master plan long before the Senior Center build) is a fugitive dust bowl (carcinogenic). 14,000 teachers and students breathe that dust yearly (10 years and counting). Plants on its perimeter are dead from the choking dust! Park Commission paints efforts to install the permanent lot (on 1990 master plan) now, as an attack on open space. https://www.osha.gov/dsg/topics/silicacrystalline/
  8. Traffic hazard (on Goldenwest) quadrupled while Shipley parking lot driveway remains open, just a few yards north of new right turn into Senior Center. It was supposed to be closed and access was to be off of the new Talbert entrance….Accident waiting to happen?
  9. Huge grass areas destroyed by the ground squirrel infestation. Presently they are digging into root systems of mature trees and soon will topple them. They dug, till they exposed the irrigation pvc pipes and created holes that could cause a broken ankle. They have entered into the Secret Garden continuing their efforts to enlarge their intricate tunneling. The poor positioning (10 feet off the ground) of signage, educating the public about why they should NOT feed them, is NOT working. The most widely used areas for feeding have no signage.
  10. Two of the most poisonous plants grow unchecked in the park. Castor bean (the most poisonous plant on planet) grows alongside Poison Hemlock (the most poisonous plant in California).
  11. Invasive species like passion vine and bamboo are tolerated in the park. Passion vine curtains that envelop the now dead bushes and trees, create a false notion of a green/healthy park. The low level park maintenance contract (mow and blow) will invite more of our investment to be lost to invasives.
  12. Homeless encampments numbers are growing. The overgrown/unmaintained areas of the park are inviting the wrong use. Two cooking fires have occurred in the last year (latest in July). The relocation of the Interfaith Trailer has produced a worsening of the Central Park Library/Park homeless problem. Why did the city think it would be different at Central Park/Library? http://www.ocregister.com/articles/bcis-408925-library-city.html
  13. Fullerton had to close a library due to the homeless issue and San Bernardino had to close a park. How many more people will the library have to hire to keep order or will we have to close it? https://fullertonrag.com/2013/03/29/the-beginning-of-the-end-of-the-hunt/ http://www.pe.com/articles/park-677662-library-city.html
  14. No ongoing presence of authority in the park. Easter Sunday has thousands of people in the park. There was no policing, no extra restrooms, no extra trash cans, no one to deter the public driving on the trails. No citations of drinking in the park. Drinking and Driving Easter Extravaganza. The trash is still present from the yearly ‘un-event’ Free-For-All. But it isn’t free to taxpayers; our park is abused and someone has to clean it up and pay for litigation when someone gets hurt.
  15. The bathrooms are deteriorating and the overnighters misuse from them being open year round, 24/7 has taken it’s toll. If you ever see Lucina, cleaning them, please THANK her. She is a very nice, hardworking, petite lady (with a big smile) that probably isn’t noticed by many.
  16. Ongoing male prostitution and drug use in the park. Won’t say what I have picked up in the park from these activities. Disgusting!
  17. Our only Central Park sign fell down almost two years ago (wood rot, termites). It was just replaced after a very long wait.  The area surrounding the sign has NOT been improved, the years old planting is not maintained and looks sad.


I look at the pictures of Central Park New York in the 70’s and wonder where were the park protectors when it was not maintained and sad?

It got soooo bad before someone grabbed a shovel and started to take back what had been lost.

If you can’t grab a shovel, at least write your council and ask for a plan for Central Park.

It takes years for a tree to provide a shade canopy. We are now the visionaries for the future of our park.


We can not afford to wait any longer for a plan. WE NEED A PLAN NOW!!

Thank you Michael Gates, Barbara Delgleize and Eric Peterson for helping to improve our beautiful Central Park!

Thank you to the Parks Maintenance Dept. for producing the needed changes requested on Surf City Pipeline, in a professional and timely manner.

Thank you to the Police Department for trying to stem the tide of the negative activities in CP. We know you can’t be the answer

to every problem. The answer is good laws, ordinances and a Park Ranger.

Thank you Jean Nagy, President of the HB Tree Society for continuing the effort to beautify HB and plant trees.


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The Henry Huntington – Jefferson Memorial Connection


We just returned from a visit to the lovely Huntington Library in San Marino to celebrate our son’s 23rd birthday.

The estate, which of course belonged to the man our city is named before (even though it’s never been proven that he ever actually visited here) is also the site of he and his wife’s final resting place – and the tomb has an amazing bit of history attached to it:

From my friends at find-a-grave: “Railroad tycoon and noted collector of art and rare books. The Mausoleum of Henry Huntington and his wife Arabella is considered to be the model for the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. John Russell Pope designed the Mausoleum before he won the commission that made him famous. Henry intended the Mausoleum to be a Greek temple, erected on the spot Arabella chose for her gravesite. The Mausoleum is made of Colorado Yule marble, and its circular peristyle has four bas-relief sculptures with literary quotes alluding to the four seasons. Surrounded by orange groves, the Mausoleum was completed in 1929, two years after Henry’s death and five years after Arabella died.”

Many of you have probably seen the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. But did you know that Huntington’s mausoleum was the model for the iconic U.S. landmark?






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Helping a Courageous HB Mom


Many of you may already know (or know of) my friend  Jacque Balbas-Ruddy. I first got to know her when I wrote about her in September.  She had recently been diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer and as the courageous, vibrant fighter told me then, “In a way, getting breast cancer the first time was one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me,” she said as we drove. “Without it, I’d never have met the most incredible people or would be in a position to help others like this.”

Well now, after bravely (and successfully) battling the disease once again, she is up against another obstacle. This one, we can all help with simply by lending our collective voices.

She sent this out yesterday to a number of us:

My dear friends, we are reaching out for help. The boys and I are facing homelessness at the end of September. Would you please consider writing a letter to our property owner on our behalf?

We currently live in an apartment building owned by Orange County Community Housing Corporation (OCCHC) at 313 11th Street, Huntington Beach. OCCHC is a nonprofit organization whose mission is as follows:

“OCCHC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to transition extremely low income families to greater self-sufficiency by assisting with housing and education.  Its founding in 1977 was based on the principle that our low-wage families deserve safe housing and safe neighborhoods so that their children would have the same education benefits as those from more affluent neighborhoods”. (Taken from OCCHC website: July 27, 2016) 

During my undergraduate studies at UC Irvine, Caden (13), Liam (7), and I became residents at the OCCHC property in November 2013. I have concluded my UCI program and will begin the final leg of education for my career in the Master of Social Work program at USC, at the Orange County Campus.  Kathy Nutter, the Leasing Director at OCCHC and the rest of the managing staff have known since we became residents in their building, that my educational program would need to include a Masters Degree in order for me to become gainfully employed. (Kathy Nutter herself is a former client who lived in OCCHC housing during her undergraduate and graduate programs.)

 On their website, OCCHC describes the success of their program and states their residents spend an average of seven years in their housing: 

“OCCHC offers an impressive track record of performance. All of our projects are 100 percent occupied at completion, they are finished on schedule and within budget, and our residents remain over seven years on average. Rent collection problems are a rarity and tenant deposits are usually returned when families move on to ownership or to other locations”. (Taken from OCCHC website July 27, 2016).

In May 2016, my family received a 90 Notice to Terminate (eviction) from OCCHC by August 31. I have been a resident for less than three years. The attached letter was written in response, hoping that the Notice was an oversight.  Ms. Nutter is now giving me until September 30 to vacate. OCCHC is claiming that because I have earned my BA and will be ending my client-relationship with another organization, Project Self Sufficiency (PSS), they were also ending my tenancy. However, when we moved into our home, I was specifically advised by Ms. Nutter, that when my PSS relationship ended (upon award of BA degree), that I could remain under the OCCHC residency program. She explained that we could remain in our home for at least four years, and that OCCHC would work with me through completion of my master degree and transition into new housing. 

I am in good standing as a tenant. My rent is, and has always been, current. During my 2.5 years of tenancy, there have been no complaints against me. I am a good tenant and neighbor.

With this email, I am asking that my friends, community leaders, business professionals, professors, and those who are inclined to lend a hand, please write a letter to OCCHC, on my behalf, asking them to keep Caden, Liam, and me in our home until the completion of my graduate program. 

We have nowhere to go and will be homeless, should OCCHC insist we move in September. The boys and I request you to write this letter based on OCCHC’s statement on their website that residents stay an average of seven years, that I was lead to believe I would be able to live here through my educational program, and that I have been an upstanding tenant. If you chose to write a letter, I ask that you present what you know about our family, me as a parent, breast cancer survivor, student, community leader, volunteer, advocate, and future licensed clinical social worker. I am working toward a degree in a helping field so that I can provide financially for our family and be of service to others. 

I humbly thank you for your assistance in this regard.


Please send your letters to:

Allen Baldwin, President/Operations

Nora Mendez, Executive Director

Kathy Nutter, Leasing Director

Their email addresses are:



Please send a copy to me:

Jacqueline Ruddy – ruddyj@uci.edu


I’m writing my letters this morning. If you have a moment to write in support of this amazing woman, she’d really appreciate it.


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Radical Left Wing Blogger Threatens on Behalf of Anti-Cop Organizers in Huntington Beach

Update from the other night, when my son and I confronted the radicals that wrote the name of the Dallas cop killer during their “vigil of peace.”

In my opinion we have since been threatened  by a local leftist blogger – Vern Patrick Nelson – who also suggests I posted the phone numbers of the anti-cop organizers. As you can see – the OCWeekly posted the numbers publicly-the day before they themselves wrote a blistering and clueless attack on our local police force. This is an organized, anti-cop movement – plain and simple.

See what is happening? This person calls me on behalf of the organizers, then says “there’s gonna be trouble” if I don’t take orders and remove publicly posted numbers (which I never even saw).

Now they are saying my son and I were “racist” for raising our voices in support of law enforcement and challenging why they held this rally not 24 hours after Dallas, in our city, and then chalked the shooter’s name on the ground (next to Kelly Thomas – whom I feel was unjustly killed by the Fullerton police). They were equating two “victims,” they got called out and have now embarked on a shameless smear of my son and I.

These people are race baiters. Just looked at how the event organizer “reflected” the next day:


“White supremacy.” See how fast and loose they play the race card?

This is how the radical agenda works. This is why it is so important to push back. radical community organizers first need a community to plant their agenda. Clearly this bunch has chosen Huntington Beach, with the aid of Vern Nelson and the unctuous weekly throwaway, OC Weekly, which wrote the DAY AFTER the vigil, “For far too long, Huntington Beach cops have had a well-deserved reputation for being arrogant, unfriendly pricks—testosterone-addled jocks with guns who shoot people.”

This voicemail was sent to the police. And I’m posting it in case any “trouble” now happens to me and my family. Please share.

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Air Show Looking for Volunteers

Passing along a message from our friends at the upcoming airshow this fall – be a part of it!




Please join us for the second Huntington Beach Airshow “WINGMAN” Volunteer meeting this Tuesday, June 28th at 7:00PM.

The meeting will be hosted at the
International Surfing Museum,
located at 411 Olive Avenue  Huntington Beach, CA 92648

We invite you to give back to your community in a fun and educational way! As an early volunteer you will be instrumental in the planning this year’s event.

Feel free to invite your friends.

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Audio edition: Republic Spokesman Addresses District Decision to Cancel Contract + Blogger Besties of the Trustee President?

Over the Memorial Day holiday last weekend, left-wing blogger Vern Nelson ran a blind item disclosing the fact at the Ocean View School District had, in his words, “divorced” Rainbow Environmental from their contract with the school district. The piece was un-cited and unsourced and also included a serious bit of news that the district would also be actually targeting other local districts to convince them to cut ties with Rainbow. Quoting Nelson: “That’s 25 sites in the district, most of them with trash pickup – this’ll cost Rainbow something like $100,000 a year;  but there’s a meeting coming up of the presidents of the “big 7” school districts currently using Rainbow, and OVSD will make the pitch for all of them following suit – THAT would cost Rainbow closer to a million a year.”

Big 7? An outright coordinated attack on a public company by a local school board? What is going on here?


gina-and-vern.jpgOVSD Trustee President Gina Clayton Tarvin at left, pictured with left-wing blogger Vern Nelson, who originally published the story of the district split with Rainbow Environmental Services.

After being questioned about his story’s provenance, Nelson finally conceded that his source for the story had been OVSD Trustee President, Gina Clayton Tarvin, who has been waging an all-out social media war on the company for just over a year. (Whether he questioned her about details surrounding the plot to unite districts against Rainbow is unclear–it was not in his piece.)

On Tuesday following the holiday, I contacted Rainbow and requested any kind of proof to back up the story. They sent me this letter. When several OVSD mouthpieces questioned how a letter could be released so quickly,  I confirmed with Rainbow that anyone could have requested it and received it immediately. It’s no big deal. Yet it becomes the focus of some of their arguments and challenges, perhaps to avoid having to deal with the things that matter.


As you can see, the letter is dated May 4, almost a full month before the information was leaked by Clayton-Tarvin to Nelson.  This news does not appear to have been an agenda item in the month of May nor did the trustee president share the news during any of her many Facebook sessions, which she conducts primarily within a closed group called the Ocean View Town Square; a group formed by a Nashville blogger named Pat Mahoney, who as of late has been working in close tandem with Nelson, cross linking and sharing stories (more on him later).

Reading the letter, several questions jump out:

  1. Was this a board decision and was there a board vote?
  2. If not, was the full board even notified before the letter was drafted and sent and who drove the process?

3. Why wasn’t the public made aware when the letter was sent?

4. Why would no reasons for cancellation be given in the letter?

5. Who is driving  the upcoming coordinated attack against Rainbow?

6. Is the attack subject to a board vote?

7. Will there be any public discussion of this attack campaign?

8. Why was this blogger chosen to leak the news over a holiday weekend? (a “writer” given to irresponsible insinuations about people and notoriously inaccurate”reporting”)

9. Days after the decision, “Sponsored” Facebook ads from Clayton Tarvin began popping up, touting the move of services. Some of us wondered if taxpayer money was being used on the ad campaign, and if so, did the board approve the advertising expenditure?


Fair questions it seemed – but not to her– she quickly responded in a closed Facebook group, the one Mr. Mahoney created:



The problem is–nobody accused her of anything. Questions were merely posed. Invoking a first amendment argument? Based on what? Who challenged her freedom of speech? Answer: Nobody. It’s called a deflection. And her lawyerly response still doesn’t answer the question directly-did she pay for this out of her own pocket? She says she chose to “run” them- not “pay” for them. And how personal is this issue if in fact she is now self-funding an ad campaign to go after a public company (especially in light of all the free media she received the week)? Also, given her statement that “there’s been a year’s worth of false allegations against she and the board,” shouldn’t she be now required to detail exactly what those “patently false” accusations are so that they may be challenged?

Also, a moment later in that same closed forum, Mahoney jumped in to support her false charges–also stating unequivocally that she is using her own money. How could he know this for sure? Again, she isn’t that clear in her own statement.


(More on his efforts to protect her later in this piece.)

It just gets more and more peculiar. In a normal world, a school district canceling a trash contract to go with another vendor would hardly be any sort of news. However, when you look at how this is being handled, it calls these, and other things into question, not the least of which is transparency. This school board has been quietly laying groundwork for a taxpayer-funded bond as high as $500 million, based on a resolution they unanimously passed recently.

So if ever there was a time for transparency, it is now. 

On Tuesday, May 31, I contacted Superintendent Carol Hansen and Deputy Superintendent Michael Conroy, who wrote the cancellation letter.  I posed several basic questions related to the news and requested interviews. I followed up several times via email and as of five days later, not one of the messages had even been acknowledged. In fact, two other residents that told me they had emailed very similar questions to the district were also ignored in the same time frame.

NO REPLIES: L-R, OVSD Superintendent Dr. Carol Hansen, Trustee President Gina Clayton Tarvin and Deputy Superintendent Michael Conroy

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 11.21.37 AM.png

NEXT, I looked to see if Trustee President Clayton Tarvin had perhaps Tweeted anything about the decision, given her amount of social media activity. This happened when I checked her Twitter feed:

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.56.10 PM.png

Blocked from even seeing her posts–an elected official blocking a citizen from even viewing her official school board account.

Transparency? She took huge issue last year when Assemblyman Matthew Harper blocked one of her acolytes. But now it’s ok to target exactly who is allowed to read your official school postings?

This past week, both Clayton Tarvin and her close associate, board trustee John Briscoe, were interviewed for a pair of local newspaper articles. The subject of how the decision was reached was never broached although Briscoe did reference the same attack campaign that Clayton Tarvin shared with Nelson:

Briscoe said he believes Ocean View is the first school district in the county to independently sever ties with a trash hauler, and said his district might rally others in Huntington Beach to consider their options and cost savings.” 

Other than pure spite over the long-standing battle over getting Rainbow enclosed, what would prompt such a threat? Is this what they were elected to do? How on earth does this benefit the staff, students and families in the Ocean View School District? And does the new company, CR&R know anything about this planned attack (and how would they benefit from it?)

On Wednesday, I reached out to Rainbow/Republic and requested an interview. I was immediately put in touch with Russ Knoke, Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs at Republic Service, which owns Rainbow.  I asked about the cancellation and, at the request of a local parent, if Rainbow would be ceasing any of the school programs they help fund/underwrite as a result of the district’s action. He explained emphatically that they would not be. He also addresses the long-overdue enclosure status. Here is our full discussion which runs approx. ten minutes.


Blogger Besties

This entire episode thus far, beyond the obvious transparency issues, I believe also calls into question the ties of Clayton Tarvin to two bloggers who now seem to be working in tandem to both vigorously protect and promote her (while viciously and dishonestly trying to smear citizens that dare question what, in my opinion, is her increasingly aggressive community organizing.)

In addition to Nelson, who has taken to regularly posting glowing coverage of  (with apparently unfettered access to) Clayton Tarvin, the aforementioned, Nashville-based Pat Mahoney has joined her fight in the last several months, with an ugly, obsessive campaign against myself and others, feverishly blogging thousands of miles away under the aliases “The Garbaginati,” “Johnny Cookies,” and “Johnny Cook.” At least those are the aliases we know about.

Mahoney, according to his public LinkedIn profile,  is the Executive Vice President & General Manager at a firm called Manhead Merch, described as “a worldwide, full-service merchandise company, catering to the music and entertainment industry.” He has stated that he moved to Nashville from Huntington Beach in the last year, and since last fall, has posted dozens of his dark screeds, (many named for Duran Duran songs, including “Lonely in Your Nightmare,” “Out of my Mind” and “View To a Kill”) from all over the world.

This selfie was included from a post of his in March of this year.


This is a shot of him from the UK around the same time from another blog post:


Mahoney’s cryptic, angry and threatening assaults on anyone having to do with holding the board accountable have reached toxic levels by almost any definition (both publicly and privately). Again, all citizens are doing is asking questions of an elected official (and in some cases asking her to stop her alleged behind-the-scenes personal attacks).

The madness

For the last several months he has posted thousands upon of thousands of words, maligning not just myself but city officials, district parents, the city attorney, school volunteers, local businesspeople and others, comparing them to the mafia and spewing inferences about conspiracy after conspiracy without ever answering the baseless, paranoid, arguably delusional  accusations he casually tosses out. Allegedly, Gina Clayton Tarvin had been spreading lies that I actually work for Rainbow as some sort of secret operative. I actually asked a former Rainbow rep to come admonish Clayton Tarvin at a board meeting for her dishonesty, which she did. Clayton Tarvin said nothing in her own defense, just glared. Yet Mahoney now spreads the same egregious lie about myself, and others. Never any proof, just enough six-degrees-of-conspiratorial-separation inferences to make a chem trail believer proud.

He actually attempted to organize a boycott of the incredible event that benefits the Friends of the Children’s Library (because I was an emcee), he admittedly took part in helping to get a longtime school volunteer relieved of her duties (a volunteer that criticizes Clayton Tarvin, coincidentally), and he deeply embarrassed a local high school principal by completely misrepresenting her words in a public forum. And he does not even live in this city where he is inflicting so much pain. Creepily, he assigns nicknames to his targets, like “Squeaky” and “The Shine” —  I’m know as “Charlie,” according to him, in honor of — Charles Manson. He has even created a separate website which is nothing more than a gallery of hundreds upon hundreds of comments I’ve made on Facebook over the years. No context, just page after page random remarks, carefully clipped and organized.

Many of his verbal assaults directly invoke Clayton Tarvin’s name. What sort of elected official would not formally, publicly separate themselves from this behavior and also ask that it stop?  Perhaps a complicit one? In a move eerily reminiscent of something Clayton Tarvin was accused of by a private citizen, Mahoney is now digging up personal information on his perceived enemies and posting that as well to do nothing but shame them.

He also has started personally contacting a number of people that have arranged speaking engagements for me, bizarrely bringing up OVSD issues to people that do not even live in this state (to which I keep getting asked–“Who is this lunatic?”). A number of his associates have also taken up the letter writing, sending vulgar, scurrilous lies about me to these same public speaking contacts and then linking back to Mahoney’s website in their notes. (In particular, I was saddened that my good friend, 90-year old Huntington Beach matriarch Norma Gibbs was subjected to one of these shocking letters before I spoke at her church. She was terribly shaken over this. That is what this group is doing in this city.)

It’s all about shutting down any opposition to this elected official. And these are some sample posts of Mahoney as both  “The Garbaginati” and “Johnny Cookies.” Note how Clayton-Tarvin’s name is continually invoked:

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 2.57.51 PM.png


Also note how he says I’ll “die early” if I don’t “sort this sh– out.” (To those that have been following this situation and have inquired, Mr. Mahoney’s monomaniacal behavior has been brought to the attention of local law, city and school board officials. And in my view, along with many others, this absolutely does constitute cyberstalking.* How else to interpret messages like the following:

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 10.26.42 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 8.26.45 PM.png


On his Twitter account (now banned by Twitter for violating their harassment rules with his attacks against me) he referred to himself both as the “Huntington Beach Equalizer” and “Psycho.”


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.57.09 PM.png

Yet Clayton Tarvin, an elected official who directly oversees thousands of children along with teachers and staff, regularly corresponds in public forums with him,  partakes on his “Garbaginati” hate site and is clearly aware of who he is. Here is one of a number of screen captures that place her on the page (that is her photo at left, in the sunglasses, part of a meme Mahoney had created in her honor):


As Mahoney has expressed, he is a friend/advisor to her. So does she support his behavior? Would she even allow him to set foot on school property? How can a public official in charge of children not be concerned with this association? Or worse, is she is feeding him insider information such in the way she leaked news to Vern Nelson over Memorial day weekend? As his assaults continue and widen (as they are), more families in Huntington Beach become increasingly concerned about what he will do next. Does Gina Clayton Tarvin care about those people in the same way she fights for other residents? If so, then she needs to address this.

L-R: left-wing blogger Vern Nelson, Trustee President (up for re-election this fall) Gina Clayton Tarvin and Nashville resident Patrick Mahoney, aka “The Garbaginati,” “Johnny Cookies” and “Johnny Cook.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 8.52.46 AM.png

As far as both of these bloggers’ increasing roles within the district’s propaganda machine,  I think its fair to ask, is it appropriate? Is the entire board involved with these two characters? Or is this simply a one-woman show; a community organizer running amok; more consumed with vindictive personal politics, secretive information sharing  and hidden agendas than with actual school issues? The public has a right to know the answer to this, especially since the district is now on the record about expanding their attack on Rainbow in a way that certainly has the potential to impact every resident.

Her most faithful supporters will probably say that I am being “spiteful” by reacting (again) to her strange and unprompted attacks against me and others. But this is not about me. It’s about accountability and transparency by a school board. It’s about an elected official seemingly overstepping the boundaries of her position. And it’s about the associations of an elected official.

Finally, here’s an interesting quote from the piece in the OC Register this week:

“Some community members have suggested that the dispute between Rainbow and the school district has become personal. Clayton-Tarvin and Briscoe refute that. “Nobody has anything in for Rainbow,” said Briscoe. “When they fix it up we should do business with them again.”

So in other words, this has nothing to do with the company’s actual service. It’s a punishment of sorts. So is the upcoming campaign against them, along with her supposed self-funded ad campaign all part of the same punishment? If so, then we are watching a ruthless, taxpayer-funded school board vendetta play out right before our eyes. On the heels of the same school board looking for potentially hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. And the entire city has every right to be very concerned about this.

You may write district superintendent Dr. Carol Hansen to voice your concerns about any or all of this. Of course, no telling if you will get a reply. chansen@ovsd.org

*Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 11.33.59 AM.png


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Join Us For a Historic Walking Tour July 11

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.01.09 AM.png


I’m very honored to be leading a historic walking tour in Sunset Beach on the afternoon of July 11, to help celebrate the release of a special printed walking tour map that will be released that day.I had the privilege of helping to write the material, but the real credit goes to local Sunset Beach history expert Mike VanVoorhis along with many other locals that contributed to this really unique map, which features many rare photos, facts and tons of trivia. Special thanks as well to the Sunset Beach Community Association and Visit Huntington Beach.

Look forward to leading you on this fun, informative walk next month.

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Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow Announces Premium Viewing Areas for the Event; Tickets on Sale Now


— Airshow will be free to the public with VIP experiences available for purchase —

(HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA) May 12, 2016 – The Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow toay announces two premium viewing options for the October 22- 23 airshow and the October 21 practice day,  and tickets are on sale now. The Airshow, which is free for the general public, will feature two upgraded viewing experiences, giving enthusiasts a closer look at the action.

The two premium venues will be located at “show center” on the beach at Pacific Coast Highway and Beach Blvd. The Flight Line will feature premium viewing for all ages, snacks and water with beer, wine and upgraded food vendor options available for purchase.  The Aviator’s Beach Club, a first-class experience, will feature soaring views from an exclusive Beach Bungalow tent with tables and chairs, private beach area, concert quality sound and narration, lunch, beer, wine, coconut water and close to portable restrooms. Ticket prices are $199 for the Aviator Beach Club and $59 for the Flight Line ,and an early bird special discount is available now at $139 and $49, respectively.


“We are pleased to offer these premium viewing areas for attendees looking for an upgraded experience at this premier airshow,” said Michael McCabe, Airshow Director for the Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow. “While the airshow is open to the public, these viewing areas give aviation enthusiasts the option of customizing the experience in way that’s best for them.”

The inaugural Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow will be the only beachfront airshow on the West Coast, and the first airshow held in Huntington Beach, California in over twenty years. Thousands are expected to attend to see first-hand the jaw-dropping jet stunts of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the Breitling Jet Team. The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds perform an impressive hour-long demonstration featuring sharply choreographed routines that show F-16 Fighting Falcons wingtip to wingtip and give the crowd a glimpse of the exacting skills and capabilities possessed by these accomplished fighter pilots. The flying aces of the Breitling Jet Team will showcase the fast and powerful L-39 Albatross aircrafts with precise and dramatic maneuvers. The team will round out their two-year tour of the United States with a final U.S. performance at the Huntington Beach Airshow.

Other performers include the Red Bull’s Kirby Chambliss, California’s own Bill Stein, US National Aerobatic Champion Mike Goulain, the Red Bull Air force skydive team, an F-18 Super Hornet demonstration, Douglas C-47 “Skytrain” and Jet Powered Waco Biplane Screamin’ Sasquatch.

The Breitling Huntington Beach Airshow will take place on October 22 – 23 with a practice day on the 21 and will include a variety of exciting aviation performances and vendors. For more information on the tickets, performances and sponsorships, please visit hbairshow.com.  Fans can follow the Airshow on Facebook and Twitter (@HBAirshow).


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AUDIO: Assemblyman Matthew Harper On His Fight For John Wayne


Last week, Assemblyman Mathew Harper was ALL over the news talking about his efforts to have a day designated for Hollywood legend (and OC local) John Wayne. In this audio edition of Surf City Chronicles, he describes what ended up killing the bill.



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