In new interview, Clayton-Tarvin mysteriously changes critical detail about her on-campus gunman tale

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Embattled Ocean View School District Gina Clayton-Tarvin is under new fire after a new interview with her was published on The Liberal OC. In the piece, she changes a critical detail from her breathless (and apparently false) claims about an active shooting situation where she once taught school. She is no longer claiming there was a gunman on campus – but rather the “THREAT” of a gunman. At left is the partial text of her speech made just five days after the brutal slaughter of 17 people at a school near Parkland. Florida. At right is the text from the recent interview with The Liberal OC.

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In the weeks since Clayton Tarvin’s dramatic claims about the on-campus gunman, she has gone on to claim that there were “countless” episodes of this sort at the Hawaiian Gardens school where she taught in the mi-1990s. The trouble is, several citizens have investigated the claims with police, school and local media outlets – not a shred factual backup has been discovered.

As writer Dan Chmielewski points out in his Liberal OC piece:

“I wanted to know more about the “multiple occurrences” at Fedde Junior High and I can’t find anything online. I consulted a family friend who was retired from a senior position at LAPD, and he said he can’t remember anything specific but wouldn’t rule out activity from LASD due to gang activity in that area; Hawaiian Gardens no longer has a police department and documenting these claims is difficult.

…but considering the details reported about the school lockdown in Irvine, I wanted more details on what happened in Hawaiian Gardens and I just can’t find it. If someone can, please send me links… I just wish I could find more details on these multiple events. Newspapers catalogue these sort of stories.”

It seems increasingly clear that Clayton-Tarvin’s stories were manufactured to simply allow her to promote her anti-gun agenda in the wake of the Florida tragedy. Until she can prove otherwise, with facts that support her tales, it seems certain the questions about her ethics, honesty and basic decency will continue to dog her – as they should.


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One thought on “In new interview, Clayton-Tarvin mysteriously changes critical detail about her on-campus gunman tale

  1. quickdraw59

    Well, I hate to point out the obvious–but, the reason none of these claims can be proven–they simply do not exist. Not to be mean—but, isn’t this what did in Brian Williams a few years back? People tend to exaggerate at times–but, this is past that…..


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