BREAKING: Group of College View citizens launch recall petition against OVSD president Gina Tarvin

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November 16 – At a community town hall meeting tonight at College View school to discuss upcoming construction issues, a woman representing a group of neighborhood citizens announced during public comments their intention to launch a recall  petition against Ocean View School District Trustee President Gina Tarvin.

The news was met with a swift admonition by district superintendent Dr. Carol Hansen; citing the fact that the audience was gathered to hear solely about College View issues. The woman representative (who stated that her comments WERE relevant due to the fact the she thinks the district’s mishandling of certain College View issues helped predicate the recall) attempted to speak further but was shouted down, hooted and booed by what appeared to be a stacked teacher’s union crowd.

I spoke with two other gentleman involved in crafting the recall document, a part of the draft which is included above, and they both stated that Tarvin’s continued arrogance when it comes to College View and other school issues first made them suspicious about Tarvin’s tactics and motives. The recall petition cites other issues as well as an open FPPC investigation against her and her continued controversial personal behavior.

All of the parties involved in the recall are being given anonymity in this piece until the recall petition is presented formally at the next OVSD board meeting on December 11th, at 6pm.

NOTE: Just yesterday I wrote an editorial for Tarvin to step down.

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One thought on “BREAKING: Group of College View citizens launch recall petition against OVSD president Gina Tarvin

  1. Sue G.

    GCT is also trying to stack the deck on several committees/commissions at the city. She’s trying to get Bixby and Briscoe on the Public Services Commission and to get Rodgriguez on the Environmental board. All were rejected for various reasons one being a technicality. Now she has had her hired gun, Conner, the atty that handled the Rainbow lawsuit, to write a threatening letter to the city. I understand Michael Gates, city atty, has responded to the letter but haven’t seen it yet. Does this ever stop?

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