$2000 per public records request? Embattled Ocean View School District needs to account for that spending – NOW

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Ocean View School District trustee Gina Clayton-Tarvin has been on a Facebook-posting frenzy in the wake of her stepping down as trustee president. Through a series of rambling, inherently dishonest posts that, as usual, attacks private citizens for daring to challenge her, Clayton-Tarvin has also begun citing a $2000 per public request fee that has many in Huntington Beach demanding a dollar for dollar accounting of that almost comically astronomical fee.

The California Public Records Act allows the public to request ANY public communications involving government officials. There is no limit to what the public may request – although requests may be denied due to information not covered by the act. What Clayton-Tarvin’s newest strategy appears to be is to demonize people that make requests she does not approve of, perhaps to send a message to other citizens – DON’T YOU DARE.

Also, suspiciously, supporters of Clayton-Tarvin are now newly armed with information regarding citizen requests – but did they request that info themselves or is Tarvin simply circumventing the process and feeding it to them? We will have answers to this as ASAP I can assure you.

Meantime–how to account for this?



Where is “Paula Jean” getting her information to try and smear people with? Did she request it herself? And most importantly, again, when will the district justify and account for every dollar spent? $2000 per request? I have reached out to the superintendent Carol Hansen and new President, Jack Souders, for answers and will post as they become available.

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