As he awaits sentencing for his fifth DUI, former HB muckraker Vern Nelson gets accused of sexual assault by Anaheim mayoral candidate


Former HB muckraker/blogger Vern Nelson (pictured here with his good friend and confidante Gina Clayton Tarvin, Ocean View School District Trustee President) was dealt some bad news last week as he awaits his fate in connection with this FIFTH DUI arrest (this one carries felony charges): Anaheim Mayoral candidate Lorri Galloway posted this on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 1.39.54 PM.png

I reached out to Orange Juice Blog contributing editor, Greg Diamond, to confirm that Galloway was in fact writing about Nelson, who has owned the blog for more than five years. (Galloway since confirmed she was talking about Nelson). This was my email:

“Greg: I just saw this post and as managing editor would like to see what the OJB official response might be for a blog item I’m doing on Surf City Chronicles. The timing seems to match a time I gave Vern Nelson a ride home because he missed the bus. He was very drunk, didn’t attack me sexually (but made some rather odd racial remarks regarding Mexicans). Not sure if he remembers. Anyway, if you just address this particular item I would appreciate – thanks. (Also, Vern is listed as “Editor” in 2012) – Chris”

Here is Diamond’s full response:


“I wrote on a piece on it late this afternoon, shortly after I learned about it. Vern is partly of Mexican ancestry, and has expressed the belief that he can discuss Latino culture with the latitude insiders have to be critical. As I think I remembered to include in the piece, drinking has been bad for Vern.  If this embarrassment becomes another reminder to him not to drink, it will have been a blessing in disguise.  He has sounded quite sober and reflective when I’ve spoken to him over the past month or two, so I am hopeful for him.  But while I’ve seen Vern be creepily lecherous at times, I’ve never even heard a story before this of his making a physical sexually advance on someone who was not interested in him — aka an assault. Are you looking for a quote from me saying that men should not sexually assault women?  Here you go: men should not sexually assault women.”

Bizarrely, after referring to Nelson here as “creepily lecherous,” he went on to The Liberal OC blog and offered even stranger defenses of Nelson:
Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 3.42.17 AM.png
Nelson has gone on to deny all charges, calling Galloway a liar and accusing her making up her entire story because he mildly criticized her on his blog. In response to Nelson’s full frontal attack on her integrity, Galloway posted:
Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 1.50.12 PM.png
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One thought on “As he awaits sentencing for his fifth DUI, former HB muckraker Vern Nelson gets accused of sexual assault by Anaheim mayoral candidate

  1. Harpe

    I am of the opinion that GCT is enjoying the “artistic lecherous arrogance”, whereas Ms. Galloway has no appetite for his lewd behavior. Telling, isn’t it?


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