MORE Huntington Beach citizens have their Facebook accounts blocked for daring to even type Gina Tarvin’s initials


I’ve written here before about the increasing number of residents finding their Facebook accounts banned for even the most tepid criticism of Ocean View School District president Gina Tarvin.

As it got worse, I continued writing about it.

And now this just in – two more citizens banned from Facebook for these comments. In the latter, not how just her initials – GCT – we used:


How does she do it?

On October 9, 2016, I sent this query to Tarvin:

Ms. Tarvin: I’m writing a piece for my blog., regarding a growing number of HB residents actually being banned from using Facebook after posting critical comments of you. I have approximately 8 people involved thus far, with several more being researched. 

I have two questions for you:

1. Are you involved at all in the campaigns against these people, either by directly reporting them or encouraging surrogates to do so?

2. Would you care to make a statement as to your opinion of these actions and what is happening to these residents?

To date I have received no response.


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2 thoughts on “MORE Huntington Beach citizens have their Facebook accounts blocked for daring to even type Gina Tarvin’s initials

  1. Kathryn Gonzalez

    First Amendment rights stifled at any chance she gets. A disgusting abuse of power in my opinion. Maybe if she spent as much time as she does on Facebook teaching inside the classroom or actually governing in the best interest of the children of our district and the best interest of the taxpayers of OVSD she would not need to stoop to such low levels as to stifle speech… on Facebook at that. But the. Again this is just my opinion.


  2. Steven M

    At the same time these liberals are suing Trump for blocking them on his Twitter by citing 1st amendment. Can’t have it both ways. If their logic holds, it’s a government account therefore people have the right to express their opinions whether she likes it or not.


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