Question for Tarvin and Hansen: Should OVSD also file a restraining order against Oscar Rodriguez?


When the Ocean View School District recently tried to obtain a restraining order against combat veteran Raymond Herrera in part for expressing his views at board meetings, they citing his “LIKING’ of certain Facebook comments as cause for their action (which was denied by a judge). Here is the language:

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 9.07.50 AM.png

But this would seem to present a problem for Superintendent Dr. Carol Hansen and board president Gina Tarvin. If “LIKING” a comment is to be perceived as dangerous, then what was their reaction in April 2016 when Oak View Comunidad co-founder and close Tarvin confidante Oscar Rodriguez “LIKED” a comment that suggested killing Donald Trump, who was speaking in Orange County that day? (“Hope someone kills that Bastard” is the exact comment liked by Rodriguez).



A parent in the district had flagged that and contacted me, saying:

I received an unsettling message this morning: “My child is a student at Oak View. I follow the Oak View Comunidad Facebook group and this morning I became VERY upset. Someone I have never heard of posted a comment in a thread started by Victor Valladares about the Donald Trump rally today. They said, “Hope someone kills that Bastard.” Then Oscar Rodriguez, a person we are always being told is a leader in the community and who works closely with the school board actually “liked” the comment. He is agreeing that this person should be assassinated?? How can the district tolerate this? What can we do?”

I shared this message with Dr Hansen and the board.  I explained the concerns, especially given that Rodriguez often attends school board meetings.

And I received no reply.

Why was no action taken? Why no restraining order? I recently re-sent the screenshot to Hansen after the Herrera debacle. Still no reply.

Is it because of the relationship Rodriguez has with the district, and with Tarvin in particular? A couple of months after this incident, Rodriguez apparently arranged for a car for Tarvin to ride in the 4th of July parade:

FullSizeRender 3.jpgOther communications document how closely Tarvin works with Rodriguez:

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Yet apparently, Tarvin, even after being notified about Rodriguez’s “LIKING” of such a heinous comment, had no concerns about him. So why the concerns about Herrera? Is she simply applying a double standard because of her relationship with Rodriguez and radical activist group, Oak View Comunidad?



Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 3.10.34 PM.png

In my opinion, the district, to be taken seriously, needs to address the double standards.

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2 thoughts on “Question for Tarvin and Hansen: Should OVSD also file a restraining order against Oscar Rodriguez?

  1. Sue

    OVSD has no standards.


  2. quickdraw59

    Strange, it’s always different when they do it, isn’t it? It must be hard for Ms.Tarvin to play the victim card when she has associates who make even worse comments–but, she never says word one. Have to love hypocrites, “Do as I say, not do as I do…” Practice what you preach–or change your speech.


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