Silenced By the Ocean View School District

This morning, in the VOICE forum on Facebook, I answered  a comment regarding OVSD board president Gina Clayton Tarvin getting “smeared.” It is posted below, and as a result Facebook has banned me for SEVEN days. Read for yourself. Her behavior is well documented in terms of her baseless attacks. And abuses of power.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.40.10 AM

The irony of course is that by accusing them of what they do – trying to shut down voices – my voice was shut down. Is this what you elected? Is this where you want your tax dollars going? I encourage all of you to challenge Gina Clayton Tarvin as to her involvement in this. Let her hear your voice. Let her know what you think of this situation.




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3 thoughts on “Silenced By the Ocean View School District

  1. Russell Koelsch

    Was the “comment” that you were replying to on Facebook ? If, yes you had every right to respond. If, no, then perhaps it looked like an attack.


  2. Anne McGuire

    Chris, I saw your post this morning that was tagged and removed on the Voice. After getting this email I looked on FB’s policy pages and found the following information (in the attached document). Apparently anyone who is a public figure gets the same protection from Facebook as an individual if the post is perceived as harassment or bullying. It seems that from now on if you write anything defamatory about Gina this will be the result-or worse. Sorry that this happened to you-again. I’m glad I didn’t elect her. Hope all else is well with you. I’ve been so busy working on the house-one of my goals this year-to get it done. As always, Anne


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