Audio: Interview With Huntington Beach Mom Whose Son Brought Home Muslim Parody of “Fight Song”

12274591_10208213096912105_2439262037767929882_nHuntington Beach mom Nichole Negron, whose son attends Spring View Middle School in the Ocean View School District, shared parts of a school journal project her son had been assigned – a project not intended to be brought home until the end of the semester. Concerned given the content, she posted the work in a local Facebook Forum and almost immediately, the issue became a heated, widely shared story that resulted in three news trucks parked outside the school board meeting last night.

I spoke with Nichole this morning to gain a deeper perspective on what happened exactly and what her thought were just 24 hours after she brought this explosive topic to the public’s attention.


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21 thoughts on “Audio: Interview With Huntington Beach Mom Whose Son Brought Home Muslim Parody of “Fight Song”

  1. Julie Krieger

    My goodness! I can’t believe such Muslim propaganda was preached in the classroom!


    • Sandi

      I totally agree with Nichole Negron. This teacher was totally in the WRONG and the vice principal JUST SMH. Great reporting Chris.


    • I have been following Brigette Gabriel who has groups formed through out our States. I do believe she has truth in her approach in trying to educate us in the subject of Islam and what they are planning to do in our loved America. Be wise and research and know what is being taught by other Schools throughout our land. Process started many years ago I have read from many sources. Know there belief and recognize the end result; of what they are trying to achieve. I have posted this often on my site.


    • That is what they rely on..our disbelief and assumption that because of the outrageousness of the concept we would never contemplate the thought then they do what they want with our kids..I worked in the school system for many years and what they say they want and reality are two different things….they tell you to stay informed but in reality they do not want you to “interfere” with what they feel is right for your kid..they are YOUR KIDS! The parent should be informed all the time about this stuff and have no doubt the school knew beforehand that it was controversial and did not care. There appears to be a reason for that find out what that is.


      • Sandi

        I believe that the schools in the United States are getting money from Muslim countries to spread Islam. Look at the kids dressing up in Muslim garb and all the Koran material that they are learning and how they are being told to understand the beauty of Islam. It has no place in our country never mind in our schools. We are a democratic country living by the constitution. This is going to far.


  2. Pretty outrageous piece of curriculum to put into a school program.


  3. Ron Griffin

    What? Oh, they are promoting Islam? That’s cool then. We all need to be asking who these people are, why they are trying to indoctrinate our children, and from whom they’re getting marching orders. Prepare for a fight..


  4. DPitt

    I pay property taxes in the city of Huntington Beach, and I am outraged that this “teacher” is indoctrinating our kids this way. If this “teacher” asked the kids to sing a Christian or Jewish “fight” song, the school district would be doing a lot more than “looking into it.” This “teacher” needs to be taken out of the classroom and put somewhere where he/she cannot indoctrinate children in this manner.


    • NCarlton

      All of the parents should refuse to let their kids go to school until that “teacher” is removed & replaced with with an appropriate person.


      • This teacher needs to be fired. This is America & our children should NOT be learning this kind of crap. I would pull my children out of that school so fast. The school wants our children to learn Islam but why are they not allowed to sing Christian songs? We do need to know what is going on & what Islam is teaching but don’t try to indoctrinate our children. Fire that teacher along with those who support this teaching.


  5. don

    Someone should out this teacher and the staff of the school


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  7. It would be interesting to find out this teacher’s name…

    …I’m thinking “Shamilya al-Jazziz” or something similar.


  8. edwatts1969

    I graduated from Westminster High School (just a few miles away) a LONG time ago, and I lived in Huntington Beach a couple of times when my “home” was still in Orange County. I would like to know the name of this teacher; I am betting on “Shamilya al-Azziz” or something similar.

    Sorry, folks, but muslims [sic] do not belong anywhere near [Western] civilization. When you hire them, buy from them, sell to them, rent to them, or allow them into your community, you are contributing to your society’s downfall.


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  10. jim betancourt

    You have terrorists slaughtering people everyday in the name of a certain religion and only one religion. They’re not killing people in the name of christianity, buddhism or hinduism. They’re killing them in the name of islam. Yesterday they killed people. They will kill people today and I can predict that somewhere in the world they will kill people tomorrow and the next day. These are innocent people. It’s all being done in the name of a certain religious doctrine. The people who do these atrocious things are trying to recruit young people to join their cause and help them spread this doctrine by terror. Should we be helping them recruit in our public schools? If some teacher made up a song about spreading christianity and made the kids sing it, you’d have the ACLU down there in a heartbeat suing the school district and that teacher would be fired. Why the double standard?


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  13. conrad

    Bible prophecy is Gods weather report of the future. Sharia is coming , the devils shoes don’t squeak,
    IF YOU WANT TO BOIL A FROG START WITH COLD WATER , The USA is asleep, so is Australia.
    read the book and hang on. Not as the dollar says, IN God WE TRUST


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  15. J.


    Thank you for covering this in the calm and rational that way you have and asking many clarifying questions. It’s important that these issues are confronted in the US before there are scandals like the ones we’ve seen in the UK with publicly funded schools teaching Islamic propaganda and trying to enforce a conservative Islamic atmosphere in the school.

    (If anyone isn’t sure what I’m talking about, please see for an example.)

    It’s also important that the facts presented about these problems are impeccable, and that we don’t succumb to hysteria, leading to people pointing out these problems getting dismissed as idiots. There are many people in the media and on the left who want to pretend there is no problem, and we shouldn’t make that easier for them by acting in a way that makes us easier to dismiss. They’ll have to come around to reality eventually, hopefully before it’s too late, and hopefully sooner if we hold ourselves to high standards for the information we present.



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