Some Huntington Beach “Ghosts…”

Sometimes you just stumble upon them, other times it requires a search, but however they are discovered, there are some interesting artifacts scattered around town that help connect the historic dots of Huntington Beach. From time to time I’ll be sharing a few here, starting today.

One of my favorites is the bell at the Lake Fire Station, which is from the original 1909 HB firehouse once located off Main Street. You can see it in this image from the 1940s:

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 12.14.04 PM

And this is the bell today at Lake Street:


The other night before the OVSD Board Meeting held at Larkview, I noticed the original 1847 Ocean View bell on display:


And at the city yard on Gothard, there are pieces of the old Main Street City Hall on display:

photophotoHistoric Huntington - Old city hall entrance - Memorial Hall -1923-1974

There are many others I’ll be sharing… but are there some I may have missed? Let me know if you like…post a comment and thank you for sharing this site with other HB locals.

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2 thoughts on “Some Huntington Beach “Ghosts…”

  1. Maria Young

    Those pics are terrific. I love then & now photos!!


  2. Dawn

    Awesome! Love to learn and see the history of my home town.


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