Making the most of plastic bags.

 I’m not sure of any “citizen of the week designation” here in Huntington Beach, but if there was one, then she would be my pick.  Maria Young was unhappy when City Council repealed our local plastic bag ban. I actually agreed with the vote, not because I don’t care about the environment, but for me the law is simply rife with too many problems and too many concerns about generating cash for the stores and God knows who else. That’s just my opinion.


But getting back to Maria, unlike most people in this world, she did something about her dissatisfaction. She channeled it into a creative and productive solution that is also quite compassionate. Working with a number of her friends here in Huntington Beach, she now gathers stray plastic bags by the thousands and from them creates bedding to be used by homeless veterans in the area. It takes about 600 bags to make one bed, but carefully and skillfully she and her friends weave them together so that those that served their country will have a softer place to rest their heads at night.


Of course the bigger concern to her is that veterans are on the street at all, and she certainly wants to see that end. But until more solutions are created,  Maria wants to do what she can do to help the soldiers.

 I salute Maria Young and her friends for what they are doing. It’s a lot of work,  and it’s a wonderful show of love.

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2 thoughts on “Making the most of plastic bags.

  1. This is exactly what people can do to make a difference way to go Maria…instead of bitching she is part of the solution…love it.


  2. Claudia Alcala

    That is my beautiful, unselfish, forever giving cousin, Ria! Thank you, Chris for recognizing her in this article!!!!


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