Welcome In The Pipeline readers….a message from me.

To readers of my (former) newspaper column – thank you for checking in. A few details:

1. This was not my decision. It was the paper’s. I fought it hard but it’s not my paper. They have to live with their decisions, just as I do mine. No problem. You can certainly write the editor to complain, celebrate, whatever. The idea of freedom of speech and expression is something I hold as far more important than anything else in this discussion.

2. I am honored that my “final” column was chance to help tell the story of as beautiful a person as Jacque Balbas-Ruddy. I hope everyone keeps her in their thoughts and prayers. She is exquisite.

3. I am writing an “official” farewell column – it may run in the paper next week, if not I’ll share here.

4. I will be writing more than ever about HB. Right here. I adore this city, I’m inspired by people here everyday and I have a host of, what I consider to be some pretty amazing stories still lined up. Just follow this page and please share if you care to.

That’s what I will say right now. There are so many stories in this city that nobody is telling right now. And I look forward to doing what I’ve done here for almost 10 years – tell stories that people care about. Anyone that wants to believe that a community voice was silenced or put out of business, or any group that may be celebrating what they perceive as that as fact, I’ll remind you that it is just the opposite. Nobody silenced anything. If anything, they energized my voice.



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