Are Tarvin’s political aspirations more important to her than dismal district test scores? If so, then she needs to step down.

What exactly is her end game? For months on end, Ocean View School District Trustee President Tarvin’s leftist, community organizing roots have been on full display. When not pushing for single-payer health care, she is endorsing a litany of left-wing congressional candidates, spearheading strange campaigns at city hall against what she perceives are unnatural odors in the air and continuing to cozy up to radical groups such as Oak View Comunidad and Comunidad.

Some of her recent activity:



According to citizen Jim Ball, at the end of a recent board meeting, after final public comments and therefore no opportunity for public rebuttal, board president Gina Clayton-Tarvin provided a rambling soliloquy of her own views on the DACA issue.

I’m just going to say very quickly, I’m very disappointed in our President of the United States of America.  He has stated today that he wants to and is going to, he plans to end in six months the DACA program.  This will affect our students.  I don’t think it’s a good idea and I think our congress needs to intervene and do something that they haven’t done in the past I don’t know how many years even under President Obama.  Lawmakers need to make the laws, the President should be there to either accept or veto.  I think things are a little out of balance right now.  We have a lot of Dreamers in our country who have served the military, have served … are taxpayers, have done what they needed to do because they were told they have the promise of being able to someday have a path to citizenship, and I think that it is shortsighted to want to expel an almost a 800 … what was it 800,000 people, almost a million people.  I am totally opposed and I wanted to have that on record because you don’t even know who the Dreamers are, you don’t know who the people are.  You may have them working for you, you may have them in your family, you may have them at your school sites.  And it’s unfortunate this has arisen as a … being used as a political tool.  I think it’s awful.

Per Ball, Trustee Tarvin made a number of comments needing clarification:

1.)  Ending DACA “will affect our students”.  How?  We are an elementary district.  How many Dreamers are students in OVSD?

2.)  She is disappointed in President Trump, yet he is doing his constitutional duty by reversing the illegal legislating done unconstitutionally by President Obama.  That’s inconsistent!  She later even points out the proper role of the President.  Obama’s DACA executive order was unconstitutional, and now Trumps is correcting that.

3.)  She seems to support selectivity in obeying laws.  Is she an anarchist?   Can I just ignore the 3-minute rule for public board comments because I believe my views justify it.

But what about the school district she was elected to help lead? Test scores were recently posted by the Orange County Register and appallingly, the numbers at Oak View, a school that Tarvin has propped up for more than two years, are some of the lowest in the county, if not the state. How can Tarvin continue to push her own political agenda while a school as needy as Oak View sits at the bottom?

Simple answer? She needs to be held accountable by the school staff, fellow board members, district parents and community at large. Unless Tarvin can prove that she actually has the district’s best interests at heart, in this writer’s opinion, she needs to step down.

Look at these numbers. What do YOU think? Is she ding the job she was elected to do? Or using the position of trustee president to each higher office?


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2 thoughts on “Are Tarvin’s political aspirations more important to her than dismal district test scores? If so, then she needs to step down.

  1. Brett OC

    Those test scores are terrible. If the person she endorses insist all students regardless of socio economic position, you would think he would reject her endorsement until and unless she could fix a failing school district.

    I remember speakers bringing up concerns over sanctuary school district status who were shunned by the OVSD kool aid drinkers. They said national policy regarding immigration had no place in the school district meeting. Now total hypocrisy allows her to interject her radical personal ideology. She should focus on what she’s suppose to do, properly and successfully educate children NOT audition, very awkwardly, for her next political position she is trying to climb to. Failing children is not a good resume builder and won’t be forgotten by future voters.

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