VIDEO: OVSD President Tarvin, under increasing pressure for refusing to answer questions about social media attacks, slams door in citizen’s face

After the Ocean View School District meeting on Tuesday, July 11, Trustee President Gina Tarvin, under increasing pressure to address the growing number of people being banned from social media for merely typing her name, again emerged from the meeting with a district-hired armed guard. As well this time, other board members appeared to form a phalanx around her to prevent her from having to speak to the public. A young woman approached Tarvin after she got in her Mercedes to finally address, and Tarvin slammed the door shut and drove away.

The superintendent refuses to answer questions about whether or not taxpayers are footing the cost for the armed guard, or why he is even at the meetings in the first place.

On the video, the guard is first scene walking in advance of Tarvin to her car.

The video:






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