Citizen banned from Facebook for THIRTY DAYS for comment about Tarvin and Urashima

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The Facebook jail continues in Huntington Beach for seemingly ANYONE that dares comment about the Ocean View School Board president Gina Tarvin – and with a twist now. A comment today by a local woman that also included the name of the head of the Wintersburg Task force, Mary Urashima was taken down by Facebook after being reported by someone. Here is the comment and the punishment:



The person in question called these two women bullies because, in her view – they are. It’s her opinion based on the actions of the pair. As I have covered here now numerous times- nobody knows how this is being orchestrated. Tarvin refuses to answer questions. She is an elected official. This matters.






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2 thoughts on “Citizen banned from Facebook for THIRTY DAYS for comment about Tarvin and Urashima

  1. Chris Byrne

    It matters only to you and the select few who revere you. Gina Clayton-Tarvin is a public servant who advocates tirelessly for her constituents. Wouldn’t it be great if other City Leaders would do the same??


    • Chris- you have no problem if an elected official is systematically trying to get certain voices shut down from social media for disagreeing with her? She has been asked about this a number of times and refuses to answer even the most basic questions about it. To many, not just a few, it is a clear sign of corruption. She may advocate tirelessly for certain constituents – she is also apparently tirelessly trying to use her power to silence people. If that doesn’t concern you, it says a lot more about you than it does me.


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