OVSD Superintendent Hansen and Trustee President Tarvin refusing to answer questions over Herrera debacle

Earlier this week, I reached out to Ocean View School District Superintendent Dr. Carol Hansen and Trustee President Gina Clayton Tarvin for answers to these questions in the developing controversy over why they mislead parents and staff about their attempted restraining order against activist Raymon Herrera.

I wrote: I just saw Trustee Westwell’s release announcing that no other board members knew about the OVSD press release last week to staff and parents about Raymond Herrera – the one that left out the fact that a judge had tossed your complaint out a month ago.This seems outrageous.

Would you please answer the following:
1. How many staff hours were spent on the Herrera Restraining Order (RO)?
2. How many attorney hours is the District going to get billed for the RO? How much will that bill be?
3. Who is expected to pay for it.?
4. Who formed the statements in that RO Press Release?
5. Who authorized the statements to be released?
6. Why were Trustees not part of the process/
7. Were any other Board members were involved in the process?
Thank you
After not receiving any sort of response from the district, I requested a meeting with Hansen. This is what I received back:



I have aslo filed a CPRA request for the actual court case (case # 30-2017-00912081) against Herrera and have not received a response to that request either.

As we have seen from other sources also attempting to retrieve what should public information, clearly there seems to be stonewalling going on by the district. Details as they develop.

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