Radical Left Wing Blogger Threatens on Behalf of Anti-Cop Organizers in Huntington Beach

Update from the other night, when my son and I confronted the radicals that wrote the name of the Dallas cop killer during their “vigil of peace.”

In my opinion we have since been threatened  by a local leftist blogger – Vern Patrick Nelson – who also suggests I posted the phone numbers of the anti-cop organizers. As you can see – the OCWeekly posted the numbers publicly-the day before they themselves wrote a blistering and clueless attack on our local police force. This is an organized, anti-cop movement – plain and simple.

See what is happening? This person calls me on behalf of the organizers, then says “there’s gonna be trouble” if I don’t take orders and remove publicly posted numbers (which I never even saw).

Now they are saying my son and I were “racist” for raising our voices in support of law enforcement and challenging why they held this rally not 24 hours after Dallas, in our city, and then chalked the shooter’s name on the ground (next to Kelly Thomas – whom I feel was unjustly killed by the Fullerton police). They were equating two “victims,” they got called out and have now embarked on a shameless smear of my son and I.

These people are race baiters. Just looked at how the event organizer “reflected” the next day:


“White supremacy.” See how fast and loose they play the race card?

This is how the radical agenda works. This is why it is so important to push back. radical community organizers first need a community to plant their agenda. Clearly this bunch has chosen Huntington Beach, with the aid of Vern Nelson and the unctuous weekly throwaway, OC Weekly, which wrote the DAY AFTER the vigil, “For far too long, Huntington Beach cops have had a well-deserved reputation for being arrogant, unfriendly pricks—testosterone-addled jocks with guns who shoot people.”

This voicemail was sent to the police. And I’m posting it in case any “trouble” now happens to me and my family. Please share.

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