HB Denny’s Turns 50 This Summer – Your Memories?


It may be the oldest continually operated sit-down restaurant in Huntington Beach – the Denny’s at Five Points. Owner Lael Bland (who has been in charge since 2000) has done some homework (as have I) and it’s hard to find a place that is officially older, that has operated at the same location for that period of time.

But regardless, this summer he is planning some fun promotional events to help celebrate, and Surf City Chronicles will be helping to spread the word, giveaway some cool promo items and even do a book signing or two.

I had breakfast with Lael this morning and he was wondering if any long time locals have special memories of eating here over the years. Maybe it was after a movie at the theater that used to be across the street. Or back in high school. Feel free to leave comments here on the site and I’ll see they get to him, and stay tuned for what promises to be a memorable summer at the only Denny’s in HB.




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5 thoughts on “HB Denny’s Turns 50 This Summer – Your Memories?

  1. Karen Jackle

    When my adult daughters were growing up a Sunday treat was to go to Denny’s for kitty face pancakes.

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  2. Ending the night there with friends is what stands out in my memory, sometimes a late night breakfast, sometimes a burger and fries, but always lots of fun and laughs!


  3. Pete Gustafson

    Isn’t there a Denny’s on Edinger near Gothard?


  4. Too many to list, but the short list goes as follows:
    After fishing on the pier, cold and tired, 1 in the morning, breakfast and hot chocolate, many times this is how Friday or Saturday ended.
    Then there were the “after the meeting” dinners or pie a la mode.
    And of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the “few” times at about or shortly after 2:00 am,,,,,,,, 🙂
    Made the 70’s and early 80’s memory file!


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