When Union Reps Attack – a follow up to yesterday’s OVSD story

Yesterday I posted a story about information received by several OVSD employees regarding new information behind why I was disinvited to speak at one of their elementary schools as part of an author’s program. As I explained, I have a 16-year career of speaking at many local schools, was chosen by Circle View this year as a result of how popular my talk was there last year, but then was mysteriously dropped.

I thought little of it, until I heard from several people in the district several days ago that something more calculated and organized had in fact taken place- that a call from the district superintendent set off a chain of events and excuses resulting in my banishment.

In a much discussed OVSD Facebook forum last night, more than 12 hours after the topic was posted, a school representative finally answered back – right in the public forum. A quick search revealed that she is not just a teacher at the school – but also the school site rep for the powerful teacher’s union – which she did not even mention.

In addition to what some seemed to perceive an an aggressive hostility, the union rep/teacher shared her version of what transpired.

Within moments of posting she blocked me so I could no longer follow her attacks.

In my opinion,  there were several key contradictions as presented by her. First, she claimed that she was part of a selection committee, then seemed to take full credit for choosing me, adding that she’d never heard of me. That’s fine, but it doesn’t explain what followed, mainly, several comments that clearly seem to suggest that for reasons unstated in any official communication between the school and the event organizers, than I am no longer welcome in the district:

“Sometimes there are consequences to your actions. And I would say it seems like this might be yours.”

“Maybe you have never heard the idiom, don’t bite the hand that feeds.”

“There are many other districts out there and I would encourage you to venture your horizons in other directions.”

“It is obvious that your actions on this forum have put a nail in your own coffin. I just hope you realize that there are hundreds of teachers and parents on this forum who have now seen you for who you are. And next year when Author’s day comes around I won’t be surprised if your name doesn’t get chosen again.* It is not a ban. Yet freedom of choice. And a good one at that.”

This from a teacher/union rep that chose me, claiming not to know a thing about me- and then using the fact that I spoke at the school last year as an excuse. (For the record, again, I’ve also been told by someone else that I was chosen BECAUSE of how I performed last year.)

I think if you read her words closely, it becomes very clear what is going on here. Which Is why I’ve contacted the superintendent to inquire about public behavior like this from a teacher/union rep. I also asked the superintendent about the communication from her office to the school in regards to me.

I received many supportive, private messages this morning and they all included the same observation: Why is the union rep the one to get involved and attack you like this? What is the motive and agenda?

Updates to follow.

PS – this arrived a moment ago from someone: “I read the post from the lady at Circle View. I was at author selection day and that school was happy to have you back- they knew they had you the year before that is why they picked you. I just wanted you to know this.”


(*- I’ve never NOT been chosen – in fact sometimes i’m chosen by more than one school and make multiple visits)


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