Why I absolutely will dine at Captain Jacks – and why I hope you will, too


As many of you read in the last day, I took huge issue with the way I was attacked by a server at Captain Jack’s, a popular seafood restaurant in nearby Sunset Beach. I wrote that I would not be returning to the restaurant because I did not trust the server, whose name I did not reveal. Clearly her politics drove her rage as it seems to do with a lot of people in the Indivisible OC 48 private Facebook group. But their recklessness and irresponsibility has absolutely nothing to do with Captain Jack’s.

I just got off the phone with one of the owners of the restaurant and the first thing I did was apologize to him for any blowback his family’s establishment might have received in view of my blog piece. I never wanted anybody to turn against the restaurant. My point was, I was more interested in exposing the reckless radical left that exists in our area but in doing so, I may have inelegantly made it seem like the restaurant was somehow part of her political diatribes.

They are not.

As Tim Haley just expressed to me, they were just as appalled as I was by the activity, and they knew absolutely nothing about it. Tim and his family have served our neighborhood communities for more than 50 years. Their integrity and commitment to excellence is well documented and appreciated by many. I look forward to returning to Captain Jack’s in the near future and I would encourage everybody else to do the same. Then again, you don’t need my recommendation. They have worked hard to achieve their own exceptional reputation but that said, I still encourage you to patronize this popular establishment. They have handled the situation with seriousness, action and dignity and I am deeply thankful for their more than professional reaction.

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2 thoughts on “Why I absolutely will dine at Captain Jacks – and why I hope you will, too

  1. Elissa

    Captain Jacks is Amazing nothing but wonderful service and excellent food for over 15 years now that I’ve gone , I’ve only been in OC for 11 years and used to drive here for the exceptional service and food I always received


  2. Terry Ahlstrom

    Good save. They are a good company. I’m 70 and I used to rush to conclusion and catch myself later. Now I think what could have made
    That situation better then act. Sometimes it’s a short think and then I lay into them.
    You did right!


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