VIDEO: Activist Janice Unger-Ugland loses temper and attacks when asked about her habit of photographing me in public


Here in Huntington Beach there is an activist named Janice Unger-Ugland. She likes to pass herself off as some sort of feel- good hippie that is constantly spewing 1960’s aphorisms (“Right on!”) and peace signs while in reality, in my opinion, actually uses her passive aggressive front to disguise a much different sort of person – one that is constantly digging into people’s pasts and working behind the scenes with local radical groups like Oak View Comunidad and dishonest left wing officials like Gina Clayton Tarvin.  I first became aware of her when she approached me in 2014. She was proud that she had dug up many (what she considered to be) incriminating on-line public posts by then HB councilman Joe Shaw. She told me she found the vulgar posts by digging deep into his posting history on The Daily Kos web site and ultimately, I believe her work helped get him tossed from office in that year’s election.

I’m not sure what her problem is with me, but at several public events in the last year, I’ve noticed her photographing me with a zoom lens. This happened most recently at a rally she attended to protest a local congressman, and her behavior was also witnessed by Michael Daly, who runs the popular Huntington Beach Community Forum on Facebook (she was secretly photographing the two of us talking until Mr. Daly called her out).

I’ve never approached her to ask why she takes pictures as she does. When I make eye contact with her, she quickly stashes the camera and acts as if she was doing nothing. It’s odd to say the least. Also strange is the fixation her husband Tom has with me, for months, endlessly obsessing over me on his private Facebook page, posting on virtually anything I said or did publicly. I do not know these people (nor do I want to).

This morning at the Breitling Air Show here in town, before many people had arrived, my son and I were sitting in a private tent. I think we were the only two people in the entire tent at that point, though there may have been a few others. Imagine my shock when I looked about 100 feet away and noticed Ms. Ugland, camera trained right on me and my son. Now, she has every right to take pictures. Of me or anyone else. It’s a public event. But I also have a right to ask why she she makes a habit of photographing me and today, given that I felt she was intruding on my son and I, decided to ask her directly (she quickly ditched the camera when she caught me looking at her). It also felt weird and stalker-like.

I approached her and asked why, creating a video record of the moment with my iPhone – reason being I do not trust these people. She turned her back on me, refused to answer, and as usual pretended she wasn’t doing anything, and her husband chimed in that she was simply taking pictures of the booth.

The “booth?”

That is absurd.  A plastic white tent where my son and I were sitting alone in the front row of chairs? Give me a break. Plus, why did he answer for her? How did he know what she was shooting? To me it was clearly a lame cover up. They knew what they were doing. This is who they are. She actually decided that my question required that she go find security, and when I stopped taping and asked her again why she makes a habit of photographing me, she snapped, getting wild-eyed and furious, unleashing a barrage of angry, unhinged profanity. I will not repeat the expletives she yelled, but I do feel bad for any kids at the show that may have heard her outburst. So much for the hippie act.

I resumed taping and asked her to repeat what she had just called me. As you can see in the second piece of video – she actually smacks my phone with her open hand (while also trying to take it from my hands). Evidently she is allowed to document people, but nobody is allowed to do it to her. Throughout She got wild-eyes and hissed at me – You are full of SHIT..! She tried to grab my phone as I videotaped her, then soon after slammed it with her fist. I told them both I found their behavior sick, and her husband creepily repeating “We’re locals…we’re locals…” I’ve no idea what he means by that. But he constantly refers to me as a “tourist.” I’ve lived here almost 20 years. I raised my kids here.

I was NOT going to share these video clips. Then, I became aware of this post by Ugland:




She is lying. She is trying to use her phony Facebook persona to misrepresent what happened. I approached her “out of nowhere?” How on earth did she manage to be sitting so close to our private booth? Did she stalk us coming in? When she saw that I noticed she had her camera trained on us, she quickly put it away. What is her motive? She admits “cursing me out” – but she leaves out the “assault” she committed. How convenient.

Note that she does not even deny taking photos of me and my son.

And I was not “escorted” by anyone. That is ludicrous. A gentleman asked me what was happening and I said I was, in my opinion, being stalked by two losers. I walked back to our tent after making my point (and honestly, her anger made me nervous). As for her comment that I need “professional help,” I would remind her that lost her temper and actually STRUCK ME. When she says she wants security and I remind her I could show them footage of her striking my phone, she says “Have them arrest me.”

Again, I had zero plan to share her behavior. But what she wrote required an answer. That she chose to post something as dishonest as she did, to me, clearly illustrates that she knows what she did is very wrong and exposed her true self. She is in damage control mode if you ask me. I will not file a restraining order against this person just yet. However, I will continue to ask her in public, should she continue her habit of stealth photography, why she is doing what she does. Should she lose her temper and physically attack again, then I will re-assess the situation. But yes, personally, based on today’s outburst, I find her dangerous.

Video one is my initial question to her – despite her post, you will hear nothing “menacing.” It’s a simple question: why do I see you trying to secretly photograph me? And she refuses to answer. Video two is where she strike me. It’s all right there. Right on?


In her ensuing comments, I would argue that Ugland seems delusional – suggesting her husband “Take it out to the parking lot” (another threat?) is 100% false. Did not happen. She is lying once more.Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 12.25.27 AM.png

There are other mounting lies now on her page. She is shameless. She’s dug her self a hole and now comes the hard part – trying to lie her way out of her violent behavior. For the record, I have written/documented her dishonest, unhinged behavior before.

A couple of years ago, while referring the “Put a Lid on it” comunidad rally, I made a typo, writing “”Puta Lid on it” – Janice actually took it to mean that she was being called a “Puta” (Mexican for “whore”) – she actually accused me of that – and continued to insist on motive even though I told her I’d never even heard the term “Puta.” It is crazy. When I  wrote that I had interviewed the dishonest school board president Gina Clayton Tarvin, and that the audio lasted about ten minutes – well, when it turned out to be just eight minutes, she actually started a campaign that there were “TWO MISSING MINUTES!”  Like I said – in my opinion – she’s dishonest and *very* sneaky.


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15 thoughts on “VIDEO: Activist Janice Unger-Ugland loses temper and attacks when asked about her habit of photographing me in public

  1. Derek Ugland

    My mom is 5’1”, barely 100lbs, funny you find her “dangerous.” Chris, you are not important enough nor interesting enough for my parents to waste their time on you. Don’t flatter yourself acting like they stalk you. It’s a public beach, one both have traversed for 50 plus years being born and raised here. You can play your little coy games with other people if you’d like, but you’re barking up the wrong tree when it comes to my family. Why were you filming in the first place? It’s really odd seeing you in public with your cell phone video constantly running. What that shows me is you were being passive aggressive looking for a reaction. From your story, it looks like you project that passive aggressiveness onto my mom. That’s called projection. You’ll learn about it if you ever get the professional help my mom suggested. Best wishes.


    • Maybe your mom can once and for all simply answer my question – why is she always secretly photographing me in public? That’s all I asked her – your dad admitted on the video she was doing it, even though she later lied about that (and a bunch of other things). I was filming in the first place because I think both your mom and dad are strange, stalker-like people and I figure any/all evidence will always come in handy – as it did yesterday when you mom lost it and lunged at me (before hissing all those insult and curse words). As far as “dangerous” – yeah, people that sneak and lurk and spy – that spend all their free time keeping tab and digging stuff up – that to me is kinda dangerous. It’s no wonder you are the way you are. Meantime, I hope she can get the anger management help she clearly needs.


    • “Chris, you are not important enough nor interesting enough for my parents to waste their time on you.”

      Apparently Derek, I guess I am, based on their obsessive behavior. I hear your mom screenshots every single comment I make, we know she’s always taking pictures, your father’s many posts about me are a matter of record – please ask them how they ended up so close to us yesterday and why she was shooting away as she was. I’m just curious- why does she need all the pictures? And why does she need to lie through her teeth about her behavior?


    • Derek – lastly, at least for now, I know you like to say I’m “alt right” which is beyond ludicrous. It does however, speak to the basic dishonest, feckless, cowardly kind of name calling that has come to define your family’s sad behavior.


  2. Denise Kavanaugh

    Wow! She took a page out of Nasty Nancy’s phone grabbing thuggery. Look at those cript keeper talons coming at you. It must have been frightening. I saw where she mentioned me to leave her alone! Oh please!! That is an awful lot of paranoia or drugs. I have never met the person. I took screen shots and handed them over to the proper authorities, so they are aware of her false complaints. They may want to drug test her.

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    • She definitely show some true colors yesterday. Her whole peace-and-love-hippie-mantra false front was revealed in her hissing yesterday – mean as a snake. Not sure what makes her think it’s ok to smack someone’s phone. But, remember when she trie to keep Jim Knapp from taping Tarvin at the library? Funny, when she wants to shoot people it’s fine. Apparently she’s a hypocrite on top of everything else. Scary person.


  3. Brett OC

    The little old lady who plays the old hippie, ending her posts with the peace sign. I think some anti social schizophrenia is going on. And Daddy dearest… “hey I’m a local”. BFD. I guess he thinks locals have special permission to act like an old dried up angry woman. I actually feel sorry for that family. A son whose claim to fame is flipping off a camera while shaking the hand of an elected official, all class. A dad who obviously has an irrational and xenophobic disdain for anyone who wasn’t born here. Beach isn’t all yours and your opinion no more important based on your all important local status. As a matter of fact your opinion is stunted due to your myopic narrow view of others outside your community. Very racist Tommy. And mommy dearest. The peaceful activist who strikes a camera in someone’s hand. What a sorry pitiful hypocrit. Peace man, it’s all cool…. then the “other j-anus” comes out, cussing, striking, unable to control her very fragile emotions. Very sad situation.

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    • Well said, Brett – a motley crew; this. They have so much hatred toward people, “tourists” as the father calls them. The good news is, nobody takes them seriously.


  4. Bobbi Ashurst

    Your videos are carefully edited. I see someone surprised to be approached by someone with whom there is no love loss. But at no time do I see anything out of control or threatening. Your insistence that she is photographing you would be better proved if you had actual footage of that. I sincerely doubt that you were without means to do so. And why do you waste your column, as a professional journalist, on such petty BS? Speaks louder of you than any one or thing.


    • Bobbi -I tried to video Janice photographing me but when she saw me, she quickly hid her camera- how ignorant are you? HER HUSBAND ADMITS ON VIDEO SHE WAS POINTING HER CAMERA AT US. You can defend losers like this all day long- it does nothing but expose your utter lack of honesty, integrity and decency – how loudly would you be crowing if i had slapped her camera the way she attacked mine? She needs help with her anger issues, clearly. Instead of defending her wild behavior- how about getting her some help she so clearly needs? But no doubt you will keep deflecting and making excuses for these two pathetic liars.


    • Bobbi- Forgot to ask- how did I “carefully edit” her STRIKING ME? And why do the Uglands send in the usual trash responders rather than address their pathetic behavior themselves? Maybe you ask Janice about she plotted and schemed to get your friend Joe Shaw tossed from office. That’s another great story that illustrates how phony, sneaky and unethical she is.


      • Bobbi Ashurst

        The Joe Shaw issue is moot. (And you were pretty instrumental there as well). But all’s well that ends well, he’s happily married and living out of state Regarding my ignorance, I never saw her photographing you, so yes , I only have your word for it…and I didn’t hear Tom saying anything about photographing you. As far as my integrity, decency and honesty, I don’t accuse people of things without some sort of proof, nor do I stick my phone in people’s faces when I speak to them. I think that in itself is rude and intrusive. As far as me getting her help…..not really my purview….And as far as “wild behavior” I think it’s pretty wild to assume that a camera 500 or more feet away is directed at me, and then confront the person with my phone in their face…..Maybe you have some paranoia issues that you could get some help for….After all you are the one imagining that people are stalking you……


  5. Brett OC

    It amazes me how even after seeing video evidence, people who have drank so much kool aid won’t believe their own eyes. I think the days of passing themselves off as the peace loving tolerant liberals are over. It’s obvious how these irrational nut jobs react to anything not to their liking. I’ve seen it on social media. Post something those trolls don’t like they resort to name calling and personal attacks. When you point out their inability to hold a cogent conversation, they claim you are trying to make it personal. They bait and get nasty and when confronted about their anti social inappropriate juvenile behavior, they use it as an excuse to lash out and further attack. Then they report to Facebook because their feelings are hurt over responses to their blathering attacks. Hypocrits, cowards, liars
    This local group is just a bunch of mini me ANTIFA wanna bes. They may have a small corner of HB fooled but the majority of the city sees them for the intolerant angry little loons that they are.

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    • Agree – the videos of Janice – like the video of Naomi getting confronted – Gina with her bodyguards – they expose the facts in a way social media cant. I get why Janice is probably freaking out right now. Her slapping the camera destroys the entire phony hippie persona she has worked so hard to cultivate with her vague, moronic, flowery language… Right on?


  6. Chris

    Wow, what a strange couple and what a waste of time spending what precious little time we have on this earth being so horrible. I’m assuming they are wacko libtards with deep hate. I will pray for them that they find peace and live for themselves and for you that you no longer have to deal with such behavior.


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